Saturday, March 26, 2011

When Will Malaysians Stop Being Petty?

When I read the newspapers and see so much space being devoted to sex scandal and rape of the anus, and think of the amount of public money and official time (legal and law enforcement) spent on such maatters, I start to think that we are being so petty and picayune. Other countries and people too have such problems. But they're quickly resolved and public officials involved,removed themselves voluntarily, ( Hat off to Dato Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek}.

But why are the Malaysians, especially theMalays, so hung-up on such matters? Is it because of their religious implications or just a personal vendetta of a political nature? But the whole nation goes agog about them, overshadowing concern about corruptions and "kowtim" arrangements where millions are shared among insiders and friends while the bona fide entrepreneurs get the left overs. Such matters can never be brought to book because....why mention it when everyone knows but no hard evidence can ever be obtained. hy again? Because any things can be condoned when there's mutual consent, except when one party suddenly "blows the whistle" due to discontentment.

The trouble with allegations about corruption today is that, mention any case and there'll be fingures pointing up to the hills and the sky. So many levels of authorities seemed to be implicated that even the beest police force in the world would not be able to sieve out the truth. Only more public money will be spent for the investigations and inquiries which will lead to an impasse or will otherwize fizzle out. Only God knows who were really involved and He doesn't tell. The Malays and Muslims will conclude things with "wallahu alam" just as they will reply "insyaallah" to any request that they are not sure of being able to comply with. At least the English speaking non-Malay might say "I'll try my best, buddy!"

Back to the question of sex scandal and rape of the anus, the court and the neswspapers have brought out things that I would have blushed with shame to even hear them being mentioned as a young boy decades ago. I thought the modern pop and rap songs are already bad enough with their suggestions and invitations to sex ( touch my body, make love to me, f... me etc). But the lawyers in court are doing better with their detailed descriptions of the sex act eagerly soaked up by the newspapers. And the trial goes on for years...

Take any case that is brought to court and even a man-on-the-street can mewntion a good number that are not. Why? Because the alleged violater of the law is a VIP or the vic tim is a nobody. Even police officers and officers of the religious department are sometime involved, They are human beings and human beings do get involved in kinky sex. Bring them to book for heavens sake but why make such cases a national issue or given sensational coverage in the newspapers. To boost up sales of the newspareps? To assasinate the character of undesirable politicians. Must the nation as whole become the laughing stock of the world when the front pages of the newspares talk about sex skandal and the rape of the anus when
Libya is about to become another Iraq, Bahrain a possible Afghanistan when its fight against the Russians was first supported by the US, Yemen is in a turmoil, and many other North African and Middle Eastern countries are facing a revolt of some kind.

Sarawak is facing a State GE while Malaysia as a whole will be facing it soon. Are we going to talk about sex scandal and rape of the anus as the problem of the nation to keep away from the real problems and dilemma? While the PM is talking about economic and social transfromation are the public to be fed with the juicy stories of the alleged sexual adventures of some of our leaders that had been brought up while others remained to be blown open by some discontented insiders?. Someone said in the papers that there are a number of those SS ( Sex Scandals) tapes waiting to be shown. I suppose those tapes will surface before the GE.

Aren't we being petty and overconcrned about certain things while bigger and more important matters are being swept under the carpet?


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

SS is the abbr. for Sex Scandal ya?. All this while i thought it's Suhaila Subi, or Syok Sendiri. haha. Yeah... Sick of the news every night. Mcm takde benda penting lagi..

norzah said...

Haha so initial SS dah tukar makna. Sori but itu yg hebat sekarsng. U hebat dari segi lain - attract peminat, hehehe.

Al-Manar said...

Akhi Norzah,

My posting of 20th March (With a sigh) approached the problem you are expressing but in an different scenerio, Islamic world as a whole.

To me we have failed to live up to the teaching of Quran and Our great prophet. We stress on memorizing the whole Quran, learning Islamic laws, Quran and Hadith at the highest tertiary education possible, discuss the hudud, the celebration of Maulud etc etc.

We do not live up to the simple teaching of our great prophet, that we muslims are like the structure of a building, one member supporting the other.That is the essence of our cohesiveness without which we become what we are.

Where do we start? Do we expect the political might, the ulamaks, these and those to put things right? That is why my posting carried the heading of 'With a sigh', one of helplessness.

norzah said...

I've read the posting again, Akhi, and join you in heaving s big sigh. But i won't say we (the Muslims as a whole) have failed nor leave the matter at that. At least we've become aware of what the superpowers are up to when they ask to come in to help. Refuse entry and they will come in with their warships, jetfighters and disasterous war machines.

The greatest fault of the Muslims was that they never acquired their own nuclear weapons. Only that can stop the superpowers from forcing their way into a sovereign nation. North Korea has proven that. Even if all the muslim countries stand together now, we cannot stop the superpower from doing what they wish to do.

rambomadonna said...

Great posting Norzah. I posted a comment earlier but due to some technical problem couldn't get it published. (sad)

I shared some of your views and feelings Norzah on the matter. Especially massive coverage by our local media on SS. but then ... quoting Ramli Ibrahim in So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia Season 1 .... SEX SELLs.

We might be the laughing stocks of big nations and superpowers right now for either being too narrowminded or conservative. Comparatively ... descriptive story of "what happens under the Presidential table" is a lot sexier than "blurry, unseen" video footage or alleged politicians. Kalau nak sell SS lah kan ...

It is also quite disheartening knowing that media could do so much to improve the nation's image economicwise. A small leader scandal can caused potential investors to run away. Honest and good civil servants will also be branded as "corrupt", "untrustworthy" just because they worked under a political master (do we have a choice?).

Just my 2 cents.

norzah said...

Short, sweet and to the point, J. Yes, the SS stories must be doing the newspapers a lot of justice though the readers are thrown deeeper and deeper into the murky depth of doubtsvand confusion. You don't even know who to believe now. All leaders seemed to be involved both in the SS thing and the kickback games. Ifn we in this country get that impression from our dailies, imagine what readers from other countries will conclude. Can we do anything about it? Yes, the media pele can. Us bloggers? We keep blogging away about them, hehehe.