Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quarter way through 2011.

We're now ending the first quarter of 2011. What do we see in the horizon at the national and international level? New hopes, inspiring promises. more of the same as last year or more impending problems and trouble? Is our country and the world moving towards a betterment of human relations, peace annd prosperity or adding more stress and strains, spreading more misunderstanding and hatred, and generally moving towards another catastrophe?

In our interest to promote our own ideals and aspiration, our believe and values and our idea of world peace, we sometimes forget that God created Men and Women with different looks and characteristics, different blessings and destiny, and different needs in life. That differences also apply to different countries and climes, different habitat and habitations. Man cannot try to make everything the same in the name of modernization and development, freedom and justice, equitability and equality. Nothing in the world is equal as are our fingers (and many other parts of the body) in length and size.

So, can we have a system of government that applies throughout the world? That will please and satisfy everyone? That will bring peace and prosperity to every part of the world?

I think the answer is clear. No matter how similar things are outwardly, how uniform and homogeneous they look, there certainly are essential differences that make them stand apart. Difference in essence and spirit, even if they are the same in name, structure and functions. All hearts are different in men and women although the heart specialists and cardiologists don't see the differences and treat any malfunction and deformities in the same way.

Now think of people and the different countries, cultures, and habitats that constitute the world. Can we ever say that what is good for one country is also good for all the rest of the world, what makes people happy in one country will also make others happy in other parts of the world, and what satisfies an Eskkimo will also satisfy an Arab living in the desert or a Tibetan living on top of the Tibetan Plateau 4,400 meters above sea level.l. Similarities in certain basic needs ( like food and water) there must be. But even that may differ in the way they cook and prepare them for consumption.

Having said that. think of the American idea of bringing justice, freedom and equitability to all parts of the world through their concept of democracy. Is that logical at all - and acceptable? A new wave of protests and revolts is now sweeping through the Middle Eastern and North African countries and the American are activating their mighty warships and armament in readiness to "protect" the innocent protestors and rebels against the forces of the government. How? By ensuring that the existing leaders be removed, lock stock and barrel ( like what happened in Iraq).

The amazing thing is that, the world just stands by and watches, as if in support of the American heroic initiative. We certainly see some of the glaring inequalities, injustice and shortcomings of the governments that are now under seige - as seen from OUR OWN point of view. But is turning the guns towards thhe established leaders of those government, the way to affect a remedy? We all know what the Americans want by coming in immediately to HELP the innocent people, perhaps through local bigwigs who are working for the Americans as it serves theeir interests to do so. But why is the world so easily persuaded by the good intention of the self-appointed world police (SWOP)? Couldn't the world help out in correcting the wrongs of certain governments by other peaceful measures like helping out the unfortunate?

So. in moving towards the second quarter of 2011. can we see our country and the world moving further towards peace, harmony, prosperity and progress or towards greater tension, more messy problems and conflicts? Don't answer the question. Just convince yourselves over the answer that you give to yourself. All the others are probably doing the same while the world power continues to do what they want to serve their own interest.


rambomadonna said...

Well, fengshui wise, this is not going to be a very "friendly" and "peaceful" ...

"The Golden Rabbit Year of 2011" is a year of clashing discordant energy. It fuels the tendencey for many to take offence at the slightest provocation. Many will be quick to anger and impatience dominates the year. But it is also a year when many animal signs can make meaningful advances economically. Those who know how to tap into the veins of the good fortune will even rate 2011 a bonanza year."

Well, it seems that some countries might benefit from all the clashes and fightings.

norzah said...

That's true, Rambomadonna some countries will certainly benefit from the clashes and rebellion. And we know who, especially in trying to get rid of M. Gadafi. The oil reserves in Libya is most tempting.
The year of the golden rabbit will be a trying one for some middle eastern and north African countries. Those who have already ousted their longtime leaders will face a trsums the nature of which is still unknown. Opportunists will have a heyday "tapping the veins of the good fortune" as you suggested.
I hope we don't see civil wars going on in those countries, engineered by foregn interests.

Al-Manar said...


How right it is that we are created with differennces - men and women, the Eskimos and the Tibetans as you say; Even you and I are certainly have our differences.

English, where they are, look at warmth from the sun as something good and the cold winter something to dislike, hence their usage of warm in 'a warm person' and cold in 'a cold person'.
Should we then be persuaded to say,"Bilik ini panas dan selesa" for "This room is nice and warm."?

norzah said...

Thanks for giviing a very good example of how climes and language can differ in their usage, Akhi. Not only would it sound strange in Malaysi to say, " this room is nice and warm" because we like the room to be cool unlike people in cold countries, even the temperature of the room tha we like msy differ between us Malaysians.
Bearing that in mind can anything at all pleases everyone in different countries of the world. Do all people in the world like democracy as it is practisef in the US? should charismatic leaders that can hold a divided country together be chased out because they had ruled too long and are not supportive of U S foreign policy?

kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
Just a point about the turmoil in the Mid-East. The US now has the best chance to get at Gaddafi. Unlike Saddam, Gaddafi gave way before though it cost him $mils. Popular uprisings would be ideal to 'help' overthrow 'irritants".
I just pity the ordinary Libyans. Gaddafi spraying bullets & chemicals and later the US will be doing another 'Iraq' following the crippling sanctions.
Might is right. No amount of reasoning can mean a thing to the the US. Afterall oil ia again the rationale under whatever pretext.

norzah said...

Agree totally with u , Akhi. The libyans have no choice whatever. US is just waiting to step in and deliver the final blow to Gaddafi before taking over the rich oilfield. Who cares for the people!