Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Must We Resort to the Use of Murderous Weapons...?

There are injustices going on in all Governments. However good and effective the government in any country is, there will be people who feel marginalized, sidelined, unfairly treated, or forced to comply with laws, regulations and policy decisions that affect them badly. There are protest movements everywhere, some peaceful, some very rowdy, but some causing hundreds of deaths and injuries. Revolts, revolutions and civil wars are not dead, only reduced to a very minor and controllable degree. They remain safe where no firearms and murderous weapons are used.

Firearms and the use of destructive weaponry make the difference. They can turn a small quarrel into a bloody feud, a small protest into a bloodbath, a minor uprising into a goary civil strife, and a populaar movement agaist the government in power, a full scale civil war. Especially when a foreign power is just too ready to support the movement and to get rid of an unmanageable tyrant or despot as called by that foreign power. But if that power is friendly with the tyrant or despot, then the military might of the foreign power will be turned on the supporters of the movement.

Whatever the case maybe, when the sophisticated and murderous weaponry of the foreign power is unleashed on the country in trouble, thousand upon thousand of people will die or suffer serious injuries. The intervention may have the loftiest of human reasons, the kindest of intentions. the sanest of arguments. But thousands will die and the country concerned will be turned upside down. Isn't that just crazy, stupid and inhuman? Call the intervention by any name, it's still inhuman and macabre when thousands of innocent lives are lost, due to the use of the so-called sophisticated human invention - the weapons of death.

Can't we quell an uprising or solve the conflicts between people in the same coountry without the use of deadly weapons. Any idiot or brainless person can solve a problem by shooting people who are causing the problem and killing them all. Is that a solution? A real solution calls for a peaceful unravelling of the issues involved, working out an acceptable bargain for both sides of the conflicting parties, and helping them to achieve a better conditions of life. Yes, any fool with powerful weapons can help destroy a nation in a few days then force its own rule on the people. But helping a troubled nation out of it's conflict and difficulties, without the use of deadly and destructive weapons is a different story.



Al-Manar said...

Akhi Norzah,

We must not forget that weapons are expensive coomodity. And weapons need to be tested, REAL test. Where does all the oil money go to - on the pretext of defensive weapon? Are we ourselves not buying weapons, weapons proven lethal through real testing to destruction.

norzah said...

Yes, Akhi, we too must buy weapons, and modern ones too as shown in the pic. But as long as they are used in our country for defence, they're ok. But the moment you use them, including jet fighters and warships, to invade another country to kill and destroy, you're playing God. When you use the weapons of death to bring about peace, you are saying "kill all those who are creating problems so that therecwill be peace. Yes ,kill everyone on earth and the world will be most peaceful. But is that the best way to achieve peace that the so-called intelligent human beings can think of? Can't we negotiate peace without weapons?

norzah said...
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rambomadonna said...

Why weapon being invented? What caused it to be invented? Why can't a nation live without it?

I think the problem stem from human psychological reactions to anger, frustration and act of defence. In our simple daily life ... when a person is soooo angry, gerammmmm ... even though they don't mean it ...

"Benci betul aku dengan dia ni rasa nak bunuh jer" or "baik mati jer orang tu" or "chi si" (directly translated pergi mampus)

Now, let us group this individuals into thousands or millions of masses. In anger, in revolt ... what might we get ... a possible gory war.

This has happened for centuries ... from keris to canon to rifle and now, machine guns and jetfighter.