Monday, August 17, 2009

No Response from Politicians!

There seemed to be no response from politicians on the MACC Chief Investigation Officer's statement that there would be no more investigation on politicians suspected of corruption. They must be thoroughly amused ( or relieved?). But alas, for only a day. The MACC Chief himself says that investigations will go on as usual, countermanding his subordinate's decision. How can this happen in an agency, beats me.

The trouble in investigating a politician, especially one holding a high public office, is that he (or she) has all the freedom to influence potential informers and gather support to uphold his innocence. Even official records could be tempered with and incriminating evidence destroyed. Hence MACC's practice of confiscating all files, closing premises, and bringing suspects or potential witnesses to the MACC hq for questioning. Now, the procedure itself is under probe as a result of Teoh Beng Hock's tragic death.

There should an immediate action to protect all potential witnesses to any corruption case. How the interviews are conducted to extract vital info from suspects and witnesses has always been a contoversial and suspicious matter. Only the use of one-way mirrors to enable independent observers to witness the interrogations, can remove any suspicion of unfair coercion. Even video tapes of the interrogation can be suspected.

This way the MACC's claim that suspects and witnesses are interrogated in the same manner whether they are in the government or in the opposition, can be easily proven. Why not let technology help us all to ensure fairness and justice since human beings can always be suspect. The Commission to inquire into the ways MACC conduct its investigations and interrogations will surely not be able to cover all the methods that modern criminal investigation techniques have developed.
Tell all and the techniques will become useless.

Well, let's see what the Commission will come up with. If the results of the Inquest on Beng Hock's death prove inconclusive, the Commission might just have to cover the grounds again.


rambomadonna said...

Honestly, if the procedure or conduct of cases is questioned in the court of justice, there is clearly a problem. However, in Teoh's case ... it's just so happen that his body was found on MACC ground. Do this often happen in corruption cases for it to create a reasonable doubt? Or this is just a sign sent to Gov or enforcement agencies not meddle in certain individuals business.

norzah said...

Whether MACC is responsible or it's a sign sent to govt not to meddle in certain matter, is the issue we're all interested in, J. But will the inquest and the Commission's inquiry give some conclusive answers?
Can the guilty party be ever found out? What's certain is that the tragedy will continue to throw grave suspicion on the MACC and to suggest increasing brutality in the politics of the country. Worrisome ha?
That's why we need more bloggers like you to cheer up the nation, make people smile and laugh in order to forget their woes. Chewaaah....

rambomadonna said...

That is A FACT yang tak dapat disangkal sama sekali .... beyond reasonable doubt!

rambomadonna said...

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadan Norzah. Jangan ponteng-ponteng hehehe

Ponteng tulis blog takpe.

norzah said...

Tq, Jamie. Never ponteng one. Puasa is not only a religious obligation but also good for health and weight control. Maybe u should try it to trim up further though some men prefer a full figure.