Monday, August 10, 2009

Cheer Up, Malaysians.

Having followed the writings of bloggers for a long, long while, I find that we Malaysians are rather short on temper and long on apprehension. We tend to be rather too critical and apprehensive, morose and even morbid ( except for the jokers who specialize in tickling our funnybones and the lady bloggers with a lot of jazz). Our political analysts seldom make us smile, except cynically.

Oooh, I do long for some fresh views presenting the more exciting and wonderous aspects of life in our beloved country. Many things seem to be woefully bad and frustrating according to the political and economic bloggers. But when I look around at the food stalls, the cafes and restaurants, especially at recreational centres such as the bowling alleys, I see Malaysians talking and laughing their hearts out, enjoying life without a care in the world. And they are from all races - talking in English and Bahasa.

That's my Malaysia, I'd say to myself.

I wish our shutterbug bloggers would go round snapping the images of Malaysians enjoying themselves, laughing their heads off, cuddling their loved ones ( no smooching in public though), enjoying their teh tarik and roti canai, or their booze ( non-Muslim only!), or doing things that show us up as fun-loving as the next guy. The writings in the blogs (including some pictures) often conjure up a picture of bellyaching or constipated Malaysians vilifying the people they hate with Kenny Sia as a possible exception ( Thanks for the pic, Kenny). Che Det gives a good smile in his website but the talk is different. Always angry or cynical though very informative.Kadir Jasin has a picture that suggests an attitude towards his readers. (Jangan mara, ha!) ...

Malaysia certainly needs more optimism, faith- and hope-restorers and peace-makers rather than the prophets of doom, pessimists, skulkers,cynics and the ' I-told-you-sos'. We have to be a cheerful lot if we're to attract the toursits into this country. C'mon. Even the sharpest criticism can be delivered with some humor and a smile - and that may just be more effective than an uncouth lashing out. Let's keep the tradition that we are nice people, hospitable and friendly.

Yes, we all have our grudges, frustrations and misgivings. But will they all go away by filling in the webpages with abuse, invectives and boisterous vilifications. Let's give Malaysians some cause to smile and enjoy life while following the alternative source of information which the website presents. Fill them in with the 'truths' but don't deprive them of the fun aspects of Malaysian life. I think we still have a lot of it.


rambomadonna said...

Read my blog Malaysian! And you have reasons to smile .... hehehe promo lah pulak.

norzah said...

Yours belongs to a class of its own, J. I love it and had never missed it. Keep it up and make all that is ordinary to the common eye something special, personal and heart warming.

rambomadonna said...

My mum said she loves reading your blog and your style of writing. She said, unlike some bloggers who use their blogs just to hentam, you voice your opinion professionally. Waaa ... I am jealous la

norzah said...

Say my thanks to u r mum for the encouring words. Tak payah jealous apa2 kerana my style is plain, tak ada the humorous touch like what you have in plenty.
Kita dua2 Virgo tapi you have the gift to make people
break into a smile or just die laughing. Macam Kenny Sia juga. So what about your book? Still working on the cover page? he, he.