Saturday, August 15, 2009

MACC Will Stop Investigaing Politician Indefinitely...

What a tragic situation? Or is that a joyful victory for the politicians?

The statement by the MACC investigation chief, Datuk Shukjri Abdul, that MACC will henceforth stop investigating politicians because of the badgering they give the commission, is most startling. The suggestion that a different body investigates cases involving politicians would open the way to different standards, procedures etc etc.(NST Sunday,August 16).

Can a Commission appointed by law, do this? Hasn't it all the power to carry on with its duties and responsibilities without fear or favor, protect itself from possible threats and persecution by other agents, legal or otherwise, including powerful politicians, and
bring people suspected of corruption to the court for a fair trial?

There cannot be a case of public officials getting fed up with the charges, blames and accusations thrown at them. They should be adequately protected by the laws of the country. If they are fed up with the antiques of the politicians, the law should see to it that officers of the MACC are not in anyway hampered by the politicians. To ensure that there's fairness in dealing with politicians from the government and the opposition, representatives of the opposition should be in the body that investigates politicians in the government and vice-versa. investigtions must be carried out by a team comprosing both professional officers and the political representives themselves. One must employ the wisdom of the saying: it takes a thief to catch a thief.

Whatever the government chooses to do now, dropping all investigations on politicians will be like giving coorruption among politicians an open acceptance. We will revert to the days when only the tiny fries will be caught while the sharks and whales can roam the open seas.


rambomadonna said...

I totally disagree!!!!!!!!! That was the rational of the formation of MACC as a commission at the first place. Not just another statutory body. To investigate corruptions devoid of ethnicity, political preference or whether it's private or public sectors. And most importantly, not withstanding who form the government of the day.

I believe despite the publicity faced by MACC in the media lately, MACC should uphold their responsibilities as provided by the law. As an investigating officer myself(gazzetted lagi based on Act 118) as long as you have done your job in line with the law and orders, there is nothing to fear.

I do have a fair share of experience dealing with the politicians - from both camps. However, I strongly believe, nobody can be above law and political masters, trylah to dabble with the law and I am sure we will not see u again after the next election. I have 7 years of experience to prove it (tak boleh challenge Norzah ...lah hehehe)

norzah said...

As it turns out even the MACC Chief disagreeed with his Chief Investigating officer and investigations on politicians suspected of corruption will go on. U must have had some interesting brushes with politicians in the course of carrying out u r duty, J. But I'm sure they can't evade the law or u r pursuit. If all politicians who dabble with the law ( to pursue his own interst) can disappear with the next election, we'll have a very clean govt.