Thursday, July 9, 2009

Serious Discussion with a Tiny Tot

The adults have so many conflicting views about life and the world today. For a change I decided to talk to a tiny tot on what she ( could be a 'he' coz before a year old you can't tell the difference) would like to be when she grows up. She stared at me as if I was stark crazy and that I've terribly embarrassed her. (See pic).
" What do you think is the most money-making job in the world today, Love?"
She kicked her legs out vigorously with a determined look. " Playing football, become a football star?" She laughed as if in agreement.

"Okay, what is the next job that can give you a lot of money and fame?" She stretched out her hands and began to wiggle and twirl. "Dancing, singing, become a movie star?" She laughed again most energetically. It was easy to understand that she agreed wholeheartedly.

"Okay, okay..Don't you like to be a politician?"
She suddenly cried and turned to her mum with a deafening shriek.

Oh well. A tiny tot can't lie.


rambomadonna said...

Hmmm, however by the look of the pic, the girl's eyes were saying, "ngapain ini tanya-tanya soalan begitu". Hahaha

norzah said...

J, memang toh anak itu kaget. Lajimnya org tua yg ditemubual, bukan anak ingusan. Tapi gua sudah bosan tanya orang tua tentang masalah hidup. Masalah mereka soal mati kok.he he he.