Monday, May 30, 2016

Just Checking the Stage...

As expected I didn't get mush response (in fact no response at all) for my last entry. People are so hooked on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc no one reads the blog anymore unless its about current political issues,movie stars, humour, or keeping friends informed of ones latest exploit.
Ah well…..that's lfe. The purpose of the blog seems to be defeated by the SMS where one can just let off steam in whatever form you like (includes cursing, ranting and exchanging obscenities) without a care for the general readers. Blogs are too tedious and responsible for the message they carry. So few bloggers want to carry on, unless they have many sponsors.

So. I'll just try to put my current thoughts on life in Malaysia, for my one reflection. After the BN landslide victory in Sarawak State election, the opposition seems to be quite meek, or at least not as boisterous as before the election. Another two parliamentary seats are up for grab soon and the outcome will be another indication of how PRU14 will go- in fact how the future of politics in Malaysia will be.
Will it be more of the same (however you want to interpret it) or do we see some new development, however challenging it could be. Is money politics going to rule the country and the billionaire of Malaysia rule the day? Is GST going to be imposed on everything that we buy with the 10% service charge still in force for all services rendered?
With many form of subsidies being taken away, will we face another upsurge of price increases in the things that we buy and the services we need as an essential part of modern days living? Will the water and electricity rates, rentals, property taxes (cukai tanah and pintu), and the price of everyday foodstuff increase another fold?
It is said that our GNP per capita has gone up to USD15,000. There have been some salary increases
recently and a minimum wage has been set at RM1200.But with the increase in cost of living are people enjoying a better life? What about those who are earning their own living without any stable income, the farmers, the fishermen, and the roadside food and fruit sellers that are often being harassed by the authorities concerned. As far as I know only Negeri Sembilan are issuing food and fruit-stall licences FOC.

While we strive to be a developed nation, let's not forget the relatively poor, made relatively poorer by the increase in cost of living.Is BRIM able to bridge the income-expenditure of the relatively poor. Income concentration is increasing with the increase in the number of billionaires and millionaires in Malaysia.

Is this the future that we want?

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