Monday, April 11, 2016

Starting Again….

I've stopped blogging for a long time, preferring to write fiction in Bahasa. My friends don't seem to like reading heavy stuff on this page. The Facebook seems to be the better choice where you can be brief, joke around, be as cynical as you want, deliver a death blow, and smile with satisfaction. Well, the choice is yours of course.

But you can't run away from some serious reflections on life. Unless you prefer to be just laugh around at the distress and miseries of other people, join them only in their joy and laughter, and make fun of the happenings around you, especially with the antics of modern day politicians manipulating the life of the people they lead in the way they like. What can you do if the legitimate government decides to impose a tax on the air that you breathe? Or double the charge on drinking water since many rivers are now running dry?

Change the government? Ho, ho it's not that easy as you know it. You can howl and curse in the Facebook but the government must continue to govern as it thinks fit for your own good. After all the opinions expressed in the fb are just opinions, just meant for fun and laughter. If you take the comments in the fab seriously, you'll go crazy. But then again, life todays seems to be full of crazy things. All crazy things get full news coverage like all bizarre happenings. Cheating, deceiving, thefts, robberies, killings, murders, rapes, destructions etc are the stuff the make the news today. Anything else is humdrum.

But, thank God, there are still the ordinary people who lead an ordinary life in the world today. They live together happily with their family and neighbours, earn an honest living, accept the trials and tribulations of political infringements of their life like ordinary health hazards, and try to live in peace even when there are wars and killings around them.

These are some of the pics that attract my attention for now.Add caption
That's the aspect of life that makes me want to restart or revive this blog. Somehow or rather it's more difficult to see the beautiful aspects of life today than the sordid ones. That's the challenge I hope to take. Even if I've to look at the ludicrous aspects of life and people.  

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