Monday, September 16, 2013

Weak Majority and Strong Minority.

The voice of the majority is the determining factor in a democracy. It's supposed to be the voice that determines who rule the country, what laws are to be adopted and what policies are to be implemented. It's the voice that sanctioned everything or put a stop to what the majority don't want. the golden charioteers

But do things really work that way, even in a democracy? Yes, the general election will determine who will become members of the Legislative body at the Federal, State or other levels as the case may be. The party will select the candidates for the poll and the electorate will determine who will be selected and from what party. As usual the Legislative body both at the Federal and State levels will comprise of the Government and the Oppositon sector- the Government representing the majority, the Opposition representing the minority. Again, is that what the reality of the day is?
residetial paradise
The government in power representing the majority of the electorate must accommodate and cater to the needs and demands of the minority, to prevent the Opposition from capitalizing on them to win the election in the next round.It often has to bend backwards to accommodate and satisfy the demands, especially when the so-called minority is numerically and economically very strong. While the majority has voted the Government into power, the grass-root populace is economically weak and will no be able to provide the needs for rapid development. The Government has to depend on the stronger minority to strengthen the engine of growth and development. And make sure that that engine will not be cajoled and commandeered by the Opposition. In the end, the needs and demands of the stronger minority can be attended to more than the need of the numerically superior but economically weaker majority.the poor majority

Confusing, isn't it? Well that's how politics and government work.Things often don't work out as the theoretical blueprint says it would, and reality may not be as what you see on the ground. Why so? Because it's not politics that rule the world today but money and material wealth. Both can buy politics to work for their interests. It's a blessing that there is always the right and the left wings in government and politics, the contending forces, the countervailing powers, and the check and balance. If the needs and interests of the weak majority are not taken care of and satisfied, the majority will dwindle since much of its support will move over to the Opposition. If the needs and interests of the stronger minority are not attended to, their support for the government will weaken and it's hold on power may be threatened.

So, how can the problem of a weak majority (WM) and a strong minority (SM) be managed since some problems can never be overcome. That's the question the leaders of developing and newly developed countries have to answer since the WM -SM issue is strongest in these countries. The rich and wealthy form a very small minority while the vast majority of the people are still living just above subsistence level. This becomes more complicated when the rich and the poor also fall along a racial divide in a multiracial country. When the weak majority feel that their interests and needs have really been neglected, the country will have to face the forces of instability biting its butt.


abdulhalimshah said...

The role of people who govern is to protect the weak from the opression of the powerful and to ensure the greatest good for the greatest number. In other words governments exist to ensure fairness and justice to all. Without it, anarchy will prevail and the law of the jungle will rule.

norzah said...

Role of govtis 'to ensure greatest goo to greatest number of people, i.e. the majority. Agreed 100%. But is that what's happening now. Don't we sometimes feel the govt is on the side of the rich and more powerful minority whose support is necessary to keep it in power while the weaker majority need only to be pacified and kept under control. Just make them happy before an election. After that you can raise the prices of goods and services to cater for the interest and greed of the rich and powerful. Don't we feel that way sometimes?

abdulhalimshah said...

One of the causes of the rise in cost of living is when the value of our currency is lowering and thus when productivity remains the same, and demand for goods is not matched by productivity increase, inflation is inevitable. Our economy is vulnerable to movements of funds in and out of the country. Thus our stimulus spending through public coffers is actually making our purchasing power getting weaker.