Monday, September 9, 2013

Smoke Signals and War Drums

I used to enjoy reading comic books with cowboys and red Indians, smoke signals,war drums, and lots of fighting. We don't see those comic books anymore, all replaced by video games full of war stories using destructive weapons and death defying heroes. Deaths and destruction on a massive scale become the focus of attention, the fun and the excitement. All sorts of fancy weapons of death that the creative minds of the authors can create, are displayed and used with awful ( or awesome?) results. Our young people, children and young adults just love those videos with true-to-life cartoon characters.the smoke signal of yesteryear

So, the smoke signals and war drums culture is not actually dead but transformed into modern modes of causing destruction and deaths ss promoted by modern technology and electronics wonders. Even tiny tots are provided with toys and playthings that resemble heroic characters from war stories at earthly or intergalactic levels. For the bigger boys and girls including some adults, the video games can be so filled with deaths and destruction that the DD factor is the main center of attraction, more attractive than love and game of today

Yes, the world today is built on a love for human conflicts, enmities, deceits, fightings, wars, death and destruction. The smoke signal and war drums culture is still alive and elevated to an astronomical scale.Anyone walking by a video room in the house or at a video center will be hearing the sound of explosions and battle fury crowned by shouts of excitement and horror from the players. That's the no. 1 form of entertainment today among the young beside fast cars and motors. (I don't want to mention pornography!).

So, should we be surprised that the adult world has also not succeeded in suppressing or discarding the smoke signal and war drums culture? The smoke signal and war drums roll on in the Middle East, in the West and in the East. World leaders want peace and freedom for the people. But peace and freedom can only be gained by sending smoke signals and rolling the war drums to scare the smaller leaders fighting for their own survival in their respective countries. War had been launched before with disastrous results which could not be stopped even now, and new threats have been issued.The smoke signal gets thicker and the war drums roll louder. All because someone is using or alleged to be using 'chemical weapons' in fighting a local war. The same allegation had been used before to launch a full scale war which ended in a disaster....the war game goes on

Yes, the adult and sophisticated world loved smoke signals and war drums, as much as the war itself, like the young people love video games with lots of fighting, deaths and destruction. The war machines had become more and more sophisticated with lots on invention to make death and human destruction a pleasure to some screwed-up minds. If politics had become just a game for many world leaders, war had become like a sports event with many gold medals to be won.

Like the comic book lovers of old, we just have to watch the smoke signals get thicker and the war drums roll louder. The war chiefs now fly around the globe to pow=wow with blood brothers to support their quest for a war to end the bickerings of the smaller tribes, to bring them peace and freedom.


abdulhalimshah said...

Your comparison of entertainment through comics in our younger days with the present computer games is like going through what were life like in the middle-ages as compared to modern times. The smoke-signals and war-drums have advanced to touch-button electronics and high-tech warfare. Wars are no more started by sea-borne or ground-troops invasion but begins with tomahawk missiles fired from thousands of kilometres from the target to such a precision by a micron. The land invasion or air-borne troops are just finishing touches. Wars are no more solutions to conflicts, but involved a lot of diplomatic manouvres. A nuclear war would spell Doomsday, thus the end of civilisation.

norzah said...

Very well said and very true, Akhi Halim. I had refrained from mentioning names and the countries involved but i think everybody with a finger on world events will know.

A nuclear war is the only thing that even the toughest of the warlords fear, beside a chemical warfare. Major world powers have the first and smaller nations with warlike tendencies have the later.

So, there seems to be a balance of fear that calls for
a detante. Will that work?

kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
It's human tragedy at its worst. Belligerence given full scope without as much as a second thought on human life. The hypocrites were ready to aim and pull the trigger whenever it suits them. All these came to a head when there's only one-super power who took on a policeman's role. A pity!


norzah said...

Yup, you had pointed out to where the source of the tragedy lies, Akhi Kaykuala. The one super-power who took on a policeman's role, for the whole world. But unfortunately the policeman's role is never completed with the return of peace, harmony and freedom. The situation in the country entered by force can even get worse than before.
The smoke signals and war drums are still in the air. So, watch out for the burst of the war cry.