Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Murderous Tautology

"You fired those rockets at will
without a care for who you might kill
we have no choice but to retaliate in self-defence,
the whole world, especially US, knows the score
and Hamas must face the consequence
though the people of Gaza as a whole must suffer."

"We will continue to harass you
usurpers of our land and destroyers of our homes and families
those who chose to make peace with you are certainly untrue
to their faith and the Quranic warnings against the Jews,
we are prepared to die in the cause of our battle
to free the Ummahs from Dajal's evil."

"Yes, they have a right to self defence, (damn you)
they can't just allow their homes and cities to be reduced to rubble
and the best defence is an offensive - an air attack on the enemy's hq,
it's just unfortunate if the collateral damages are terrible
we have to and will continue to support our friends
who are surrounded by unfriendly neighbors but with greasy hands."

"No, we must call for an immediate cease-fire (you bastards)
the destruction and bloodbath caused are just too inhuman
call ourselves civilized while women and chidren are gruesomely butchered
and we hold conference after conference to draw up a peace plan:
what we have is a deadlock between obstinate claims
between people who love to get themselves killed or maimed,"

Oh, Allah All-Knowing and All-Mighty,
Please protect our brothers from the murderous hands of their foes
the Palestinians had suffered for years from turmoils and brutality
give them a break by softening the hearts of all those
who hold the power to wage wars and the weapons to cause deaths and agony,
stop the tautologies and let human beings find peace and understanding
in the various ways they pray to you and seek your blessings.


norzah said...

Alhamdulillah..sudah pun declare cease fire.

kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
Sadly the Palestinians are a forgotten lot. They get bashed then a make-believe ceasefire and they are forgotten until the next round. All the while a lot of hoo-hah here and there but no change for them. In fact things get worst by the day. There is no political will to effect something positive from the US. In fact everything were put on hold until the reelection. Now that the reelection's over things begin to get nasty again. The resultant effect is the Palestinians get the worst end of the stick. There are some semblance of activity just so the UN is seen to get off their butt. Otherwise everyone is happy to keep an eye closed. It's a sham cease-fire. This has been going on since 1967! It's a real pity!


norzah said...

It's a real pity that the world can do nothing about the antics of a small artificially created nation, surrounded by Muslim countries, Akhi Kaykuala. It sometimes appear to me that the Muslims are just good at howling their anger, cursing the atrocities committed and seeking Allah's interference and justice. Israel accused the Palestinians of breaking the ceasefire first, then trying to break into their territory thus forcing them to open fire. N o one knows the truth. No world power tries to check out. The words of the powerful become the truth again. Real sad.

abdulhalimshah said...

I agree with what Hank said on this. The world is utterly powerless to enforce the resolutions passed by the UN. The only way to help Gaza and the West Bank is to set a defence alliance modelled on NATO by the Arab Nations. But as long as they are the lackeys of US, such thing is just a mirage.

norzah said...

No argument about what you and Akhi Hank said about the powerlessness of the world to enforce the UN resolution, Akhi Halim. The US has remained silent on whether it's going to do something about the ceasefire
agreement brokered by Egypt and Israel is not happy at all about it. There does not appear to be any hope that the Muslim countries can come up with any concrete plan to help. So, it's again a question of wait and see, hope for the best, may Allah save the Gazans. ....