Thursday, November 1, 2012

Food Poisoning...

You never know when it will strike. You may even get it from a posh restaurant let alone from the cheaper ones or the food stalls operating under a tree. It doesn't matter whether you're a medical doctor or the average man who would eat anything when you're hungry.

Food poisoning could be very serious or just a severely upset stomach.
The serious ones will involve vomiting and purging to no end until you feel listless or even lifeless.There's so much of body fluid lost that there is the immediate danger of dehydration. In such a case you have to go to the hospital immediately.You will be put on the drip and given so many pills that you'll feel really miserable. You might have to stay in the hospital from five days to one week to allow you tummy to recuperate.
The not-so-serious one is more more interesting as far as I am concerned having suffered the attack a number of times.Yes, it's just as bad in terms of the puking and purging, but only for a short period.After that it's just the tiredness, the lack of an appetite and the need to just rest and go to sleep which can be very bothersome.

But think again. You have no appetite for anything at all and that's very good for your tummy.It's a chance to give the old mill a good rest. Yes you've to imbibe a lot of liquid to compensate for the loss. The nasty thing is that you cannot fart or something will come out with it. When your tummy growls and grumbles, you just got to tolerate it without opening the valve to let out the fowl air. Otherwise you'll have to rush to the toilet for a thorough wash and change your clothes. The use of pampers is an interesting idea but I'd rather just slip some tissue papers in my underwear, in case there's a leakage. It made me think of old age when you could get too sick to take care of your cleanliness and someone else had to do it for you. At least I learn how to do it with the help of the ubiquitous tissue papers.

You still need 3-5 days for your tummy to recuperate, even if you don't take any medicine, said a friend - Dr Ganeson. He had an attack himself after having some food in a posh restaurant. Yes he had all the knowledge and medicinal facilities to take care of himself and yet, " I had to suffer for five miserable days," he said.

Well, if a medical doctor himself had to suffer, how could I complain. 3-5 days of rest, eating very little except for some soup, bread and Milo O - and some 100 plus for energy - must certainly have some salutary and recuperative impact on the body...and soul.


Anonymous said...

Your article reminds me of my days in hospital few years back because of food poisoning.
It's certainly unpleasant experience not only staying in hospital but also travelling to the hospital for follow-up medical treatment.
Good article to share. Thank you for sharing it.
By the way, what is your thought on the presidential election of United States?

norzah said...

Thank you for the comment, 1-1-of 1. I guess no one is interested in the experience of being struck by food poisoning but those who have had it would remember the unpleasant experience involved. You'll have to check other sites to get views on the US Presidential election for whatever the outcome is we still have to face a nation with a very high moral superiority complex. Only the American values seem to be the correct one be it in running a democratic government or in judging the suitability of a head of state in the third world. Obama or Romney, the Us foreign policy remains as it is.

abdulhalimshah said...

The stomach is the most abused part of our anatomy because we only give it a partial rest one month every year and it has to digest the food and drinks that we take thrice daily. In case you suffer this problem in future, just boil rice like making porridge and then only drink the "kanji". Hope it works, apart from the medications.

norzah said...

Thanks for the tip Akhi. Yes I took porridge for the entire period of the attack and thank goodness, it lasted for only a few days. But it was real torture. Only those who have suffered it will know the misery.

Anonymous said... was really dam sick