Saturday, September 22, 2012

Religious intolerance...

Religion is supposed to save humanity from destruction and hellfire. bring peace of mind and serenity of soul, teach humility, kindness and tolerance. But is religion doing that today? And don't tell me it's the religion - whatever religion and religious belief - that's wrong. It must be the followers- and that's all of us - and the preachers that had fouled up things, including the words of the Apostles and God Himself.

If one wishes to take the best from all religions of the world, one will find many similarities in the definition of goodness, compassion, religiosity, and the straight path as prescribed by the sacred Book of the various Faiths. Only the name of the one God or Deity may differ, together with the names of the Messengers and Apostles. All the religions of the world preach brotherhood and compassion among human beings of whatever creed and belief, living in peace with each other and finding satisfaction and fulfillment in life through seeking endearment and the blessings of their Creator.
But that seems to be the last thing which religion does to us today. We make it a battle cry, an excuse for creating havoc and killing each other, insulting each other, denouncing each other and trampling on each other's birthrights. We insult and denigrade the name of each other's Lord, the Prophets and Apostles revered by different followers, provoke each other by doing so and ended up destroying and killing each other. How can human beings, the most intelligent creation of the animal world and the most advanced in intellectual development, be that stupid.

Yes, the provocation and the insults could originate from the work of some twisted brains and convoluted minds, as claimed by some authorities, in the case of producing the film, the Innocence of the Muslims.But why must the media play it up rather than clamped it down? Surely some people wanted the film to do its damage - and the damage had been done. More it continues to cause havoc and international bitterness. If the cause of religion had thrown nations to war in the past it can still do so now.Unless human beings stopped their stupidity and begin to understand and appreciate religion as it should be.

As for the Muslims, they can take any amount of insults as had been imposed on them in the past by foreign powers. But don't insult their God, their beloved Prophet and their religion. Hellfire can descend on earth earlier than doomsday if such insult continues.


kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
Religion is a portent force.Stoked a little it erupts beyond control.The Muslims are playing into the hands of those with the hidden agenda. The fact that the reaction is now in such a frenzy is testament of success of the pepetrators.They must be extremely happy with the increasing number of deaths worldwide. A pity!


norzah said...

Most tragic, Akhi Kaykuala, if there's an evil hand at work behind the bloody turmoils in Syria, Pakistan and other Muslim countries, as provoked by the anti-Islam film. While the film had incensed the Muslims to act with anger, they had been turned on each other so that they become self-destructive. The Muslims should realise the fact that they had been manipulated and redirect their anger accordingly.
It is in that sense that I consider their action as stupid while the action of the anti-Islam elements is just evil.

abdulhalimshah said...

Religion if properly and truly from the Al-Quran and the Prophet's (PBUH) Traditions as Islam is based on, then the first thing one should ask is," Do we think before we act." Muslims all over the world gets very excited whenever a cartoon or film or any other media is cooked up to inflame and infuriate them. But to think rationally one must first have Knowledge, Revealed or otherwise. This is what lacking in many Muslim countries around the globe. The herd mentality is so superfluous that we have detractors who easily succeed in making the majority of Muslims in the world go into frenzy. We have to to tackle these provocations in a rational way so as not to show to the world that we only react when provoked. So, the antidote to all these events had proven in the past is to educate and practice what is in the Quran and Hadith. How many percent of Muslims throughout the World understand what they recite from the Al-Quran. Not merely reciting without understanding, but to comprehend the deeper message of The Quran and to practice the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) is the mightier response than destructive demonstrations which only make the pertrators pleased at their success in stoking the fire.

norzah said...

I agree fully, Akhi Halim, that the roots of many problems amonthe Muslims of the world, especially we here in Malasi, is that we don't fully understand what's written in the al-Quran. We were taught how to read and recite the words of Allah in Arabic and do not fully understand what the explicit and implicit meaning is. The Gurus who taught us did not teac us Arabic as a precondition for understanging the al-Quran. We just swallow what they taught us and now we just follow what other Muslims do, especially in countries where many ulamas originate. When the ulamas argue among themselves we fight each other for no reason but fuelled by political sentiments. So, we've to start reading the al-Quran with understanding, to learn Arabic from the beginning. I wonder when we can be fluent enough to speak and understand the language of the al-Quran.

norzah said...
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