Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Smiling 2013.....

Look around after the announcement of the RM251.6 billion budget for 2013 by the Prime Minister cum Finance Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Everyone from ministers to bus drivers, towkays to fishermen,professors to students, seems to be smiling.There's a bag of goodies held out for everybody.

The billions and millions of ringgit allocated to specific groups of people involved in different aspects of the national economy and social services, just boggled my mind.I look for summaries to get a holistic picture of where the money comes from and where it goes to but what I find more in the print media are details of the allocation to various sectors of the economy and groups of citizens. How much of the RM251.6 is allocated to operating expenditure and how much for development is not highlighted although there is a breakdown in terms of percentage - something like 80:20.

So much of details as to who gets hefty allocations and who gets RM100-500 one-off payment that I could't see the wood for the trees. Can't classify the "gifts" under proper programs to achieve certain targets, so that at the end of the year the degree of achievement can be ascertained. It's like take the gifts and enjoy yourself, in which case the gift is never enough. All will smile when the handouts are given but after spending them and they see the huge chunks of inducement packets others are getting, the smile will disappear. Moreover the inducement packages go on and on for years....

Yes, we all need the quick-cash-supplement, especially when prices of foodstuff, clothings, housing, reading materials etc keep shooting up. The top-up policy cannot be sustained when prices of goods, service charges and rentals keep going up. It's more important to control the prices by increasing production and lowering the cost. Even the 1 Malaysia shops which offer cheaper prices than the usual retailers can only offer competition to the latter, not a solution to the problem of increasing prices.

No, there is no need for me to repeat the allocations made in the 2013 budget, for the papers are full of them. To evaluate whether the amount allocated is magnanimous or ridiculous is meaningless when the cause of the problem requiring added allocation is not explained. It's a happy budget and let's be happy about it until something begins to prick us in the pocket or the butt. One thing that worries me. When the big tycoons, the fund managers, and the towkays are laughing, we the customers had better watch out.The more they take the more we have to pay.


kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
Absolutely! One can't see the trees for the forest. It gets down to the small details being made big. And your question of relevance,
"How much of the RM251.6 is allocated to operating expenditure and how much for development" remains prickly!

And the talian hayat of how is it financed begs for an answer. A global meltdown is in the offing. Pres.Obama has not touched on it until the reelection is determined in Nov. What is dreaded is when the dust settles we find the Budget figures need drastic re-thinking.

The BN has the luxury of the next 4 yrs riding on their experience. But if the other side wins they'll still be fighting over hudud while Rome burns. The much touted Buku Jingga may just hastened the spiral!


abdulhalimshah said...

My take is that once reality bites,only then we know whether it is just a mirage.Your point is extremely pertinent.Where is the money coming from to fund the overgenerous handouts and give aways.Most likely it is from borrowings when revenue falls short of expectations. Our debt to GDP is in real terms more than the threshold limit if we take into account Govt guarantees on bond issues from even the private companies. I am not going to cry wolf,but we have not highlighted this critical issue.

Anonymous said...

As to the operating expenditure, the early October issue of The Edge provides us clear picture to know better of it.