Monday, September 13, 2010

After the Eid...

Eid ilFitr is four days gone and what surfaces in our minds? Probably the macabre case of Sosilawati's murder with three others while all other news is drowned into oblivion. What can cause human beings to be so brutal and inhuman as to murder four people in cold blood with a sickle of sort, burn them and throw their ashes (and other possessions perhaps beside the cash they carry with them) into Sungai Kanchong Laut, Kampung Endah, Banting? Do they think that the disappearance of the four will not be investigated into until the murderers are brought to justice? Do they, even in a blind fury, forget about God and retribution?

Killing a human being - a new-born baby, a child, a boy, a girl, a young man or woman, a grandma or granpa - seems to have
become as unthinking an act as swapping a fly or snuffing a candle. Be it with guns which involved a simple act of pulling a trigger, a hammer or bludgeon, a knife or parang, or even with the bare hands, the act of terminating a life for good does not seem to bother the conscience of the killer anymore. What has turned Malaysians, who generally are more religious than the secular people of the west, into such brutal creatures? Are most of the killers and murderers people without any religion or faith?

My worst fear is that people may have developed a very 'forgiving' attitude towards capital punishment or death sentence. Once condemned to death, you just wait for the D day as lawyers battle on for a reprieval, and if your luck runs out you face the gallows and die. So what if you had accomplished the act that satisfied your desire or your anger? The suicide bombers (often lauded as jihad fighters) even welcome death! The Red Indians of old welcomed death because they go to "the happy hunting ground". Only the desire for Heaven and a fear of Hell, will stop a Believer from committing the crime of killing another human being. What happens, therefore, if there's no such desire or such fear, or when there's no belief in life hereafter at all? The death penalty does not seem to matter at all to such people so long as they can achieve their objectives even if it requires taking away the lives of many other people.

Hence. when the killing and the murders get more frequent and gruesome, the meaning of capital punishment for the murderers by hanging, shooting, electrocuting or lethal injection carried out in the most humane way possible, must be reviewed. Is it enough to cause fear and, therefore, become an effective deterrent, or has it lost that effect? Maybe there are other ways that can cause more shame, fear and prolonged suffering that can become a more effective deterrent, short of being inhuman. Maybe by not allowing the murderer to rid himself or herself of this worldly life through a death sentence, might be a more effective way of stopping him or her from becoming a murderer? Being segregated from society and cast off on a lonely island for life, for example, maybe more fearsome and undesirable to some people than a quick death!

One way of making a cold hearted person realize the full meaning of the evil that he or she commits is to let him or her see the actual sufferings that he or she had caused. Every aspect of the suffering must be portrayed and shown to the perpetrator again and again and again until it becomes a torturous phobia. Let him or her cringe at the sight of the things he or she had done, feel a mental transference of pain and misery or go through the nightmare of the gruesome act. Question is : how can that be done? Let the psychologists work on it for the simple act of putting a person to death within a few seconds or minutes has certainly lost its deterrent effect on would-be-murderers.

Back to the post-Eid scenario, everything seems to be so quiet in KL, especially thie community in Taman Melawati. Ulu Klang.
It rained awhile in the morning and now the sun is shedding all of its robes to give the world a good shine. I'm beginning to feel the lost of Ramadhan's glory and edifying discipline. Maybe I should start the six-day fast as soon as possible.


kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
A murder most heinous. True to form, a killer is devoid of remorse. We just can’t foresee nor judge them from our sane and objective assessments. The killer acts according to a twisted mind which the killer himself cannot explain nor comprehend.

Innocent victims fall prey not anticipating how vulnerable they placed themselves in situations full of risks but lack safeguards.
We can only safely talk on hindsight.

The modus operandi appears to be similar to many cases of missing persons. What is regretful is that the police were not themselves alerted to these similarities until now.

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Al-Fatihah to all the victims. May their souls rest in peace. Amen...

abdulhalimshah said...

Akhi Norzah,
Maybe we should adopt the capital punishment as that practised by Saudi Arabia. The excecution is also made in public. Perhaps that only can drive home the message to those ghastly murders.

norzah said...

Akhi Kaykuala: Amost heinous crime indeed. The police seems to be making a very thorough and speedy investigation but we all know the odds since
there are no dead bodies that can tell the story of the murder through a thorough postmortem. Personal items found on the scene and the confession of suspects when tendered as evidence can be easily contested by the defense counse. This is going to be a real headache for the police.

Yoyop: We all jopin you in saying al-Fatiha to the victims. When 'ajal' calls there's really nothing that one can do to stop a death. This frightening incident really questions the desirability of becoming obsess with wealth.

Akhi Halim: Capital punishment and execution as practised in Saudi Arabia is part of the Hudud law
which our country finds difficult to adopt. There is always the question of being humane in carrying out capital punishment and public execution would certainly cause a lot of protest. All these again require that the death penalty be reviewed in terms of its effectiveness to deter heinous crimes.

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