Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The quarrels and altercations....

Someone said that government was a necessary evil. I's necessary because someone has to call the final shot in any country for people will continue to quarrel, disagree with each other, call each other unfair (as if only the caller is fair in this world) and continue to feel frustrated and unhappy when things don't go their way. Even their attitude towards God is the same. When it rains continuously they blame God for causing the floods and the landslides. When it's always bright and shiny, they blame God for causing everything to dry up and shrivel, sometimes in the equator, making them feel like living in an oven. When God keeps changing and alternating rain and shine, they say the weather is crazy, or God is crazy, if they are religious enough not to swear and curse.

The al-Quran admits that human beings will never be happy except those who submit themselves to the will of God. When God makes them wealthy they will say that God has been kind to them, ie if they are religious; otherwise they will claim that the wealth was the result of their own resourcefulness and efforts. But when they fall into bad times they say that God was unkind and unfair to them. Again it's always God that is wrong when things go against their favor.

With such a realization , the quarrels and altercations between people in a country and the government, especially between opposing political parties, do not appear significant at all. Disagreement among people, opposing views and conflicts, even fighting things out, are just ways of trying to arrive at the truth, ways of keeping up the balance between truth and falsehood, between earnestness and pretenses, sincerity and deceit. The truth will emerge ultimately. Only at what cost in term of human sufferings and deprivation, misery and despondency. Only when the quarrels, altercations and wrangling in the government affect the people negatively, will they be considered as unproductive, harmful and destructive. Otherwise it can force a soul-searching exercise among the people and even open the door to new insights, creativity and innovation.

So do we just accept the quarrels, the wrangling and the fights in the government and all around us without doing anything about them? Of course not. The age-old advice has been: if you can't stop them join them. It's this advice or suggestion which seems to split and tear society apart. Perhaps Malaysians should now be more reluctant of being drawn into the quarrels and altercations, especially when they are of a political nature. It's the support that we give to the wrangling parties which fans and fuels the quarrels. I wonder what will happen if we withdraw the support and choose to watch the combatants heck each other to death like what the Romans did at the gladiators' stadium? Or otherwise watch the struggle like the bullfight in Mexico and Spain. Just enjoy the show and have your money's worth of fun, until the weaker combatants fall down.

But that's like endorsing the theory of the survival of the fittest. The stronger party wins irrespective of being in the right or wrong. Can one arrive at the real truth without the quarrels, the altercations, the wrangling and the fight to the death? If the super powers of the world practice this approach to maintain world order must the smaller nations like Malaysia follow suit?
Maybe Tun Dr Mahathir, Kassim Ahmad, Prof. Pak Engku, Dr.Syed Naquib and other thinkers not involved in the political dogfight can provide an answer. The political leaders are too involved in the quarrels to be able to give a non-biased view.


rambomadonna said...

That's democracy Norzah ... leaders and people quarrel,debate over issues under freedom of speech.

However it is critical for the people who hold interest in those issues to differentiate which are facts and which are allegations. Who are fighting for people's rights and who are opportunists?

I am not an expert in politics but what I can see happened now in our country is the ruling government especially from the opposing parties are working hard to prove that their administration are better and BN-headed governments are trying hard to regain the confident of the publics after selalu menang tanpa kalah for many2 years made some of their leaders ignorance of the need of the public.

I support though your idea of treating it like watching a bullfighting. After all ... most of the quarrel become too personal after all hehehe

norzah said...

Sudah selalu menang tanpa opposition yg kuat telah membuat some leaders in the BN headed govt ignorant ( or unconcerned) about the public need. That's cool, J. And now, they wake up to a more aggressive and demanding opposition and public. So the quarrels and wrangling become more intense.

Sorry kalau the entry makes you think hard and heavy again, J. Buat tambah sakit kepala. Pasal tu I cadangkan kita buat macam tengok bullfight je. Tapi kesian juga kalau el-torro yang bagus, kalah kerana undang-undang perlawan itu tidak adil.

rambomadonna said...

Hehehe ... kena biasakan diri untuk think hard Norzah ... I shared my experience in my latest entry. Ponat-ponat den pikir untuk rakyat ingatkan dah boleh lah anggap pakar, rupo2 eh, masih hingusan dan picisan ... Fighting!

norzah said...

Bahaso nogori u dah bulih dibori "A". Cuma "penat= ponek". Jago-jago jangan tersalah taip "p" tu dengan aksara lopeh "j". Lain lak maano eh nanti. Eden suko bonmar u dah ngam pikir borek dan mujarad (abstrek).Life is complicated and simple thoughts may not uncover it's profound depth and dimension, hehehe.Sekarang u dah boleh jadi warih Negeri Sembiilan.

abdulhalimshah said...

Being an ex-civil servant, and I am sure you had worked with them too, I found that they are what like people said they lived a life of between the devil and the deep blue sea.
Once I was told by an elder statesman of Thai origin why he did not want to be in politics after the downfall of Thanom Kitikachorn, was in politics he cannot speak the truth or be true to himself and the people. There is a lot of sense in what he said and thus politics is not our cup of tea. It is better to serve mankind irrespective of our political inclinations and ultimately serve our Creator, ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

norzah said...

Tq AHS for dropping in. Politics had never been a clean game and those who cannot live 'between the devil and the deep blue sea' as u said, would not thrive in it as a career. Soalnya pulak, kalau tak ada orang bersih yang masuk, cuba but pembersihan dari dalam, bermaharajalelalah 'the devil'. Inilah yg jadi masalah besar. Salam.