Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland 3D

I'd never have gone to see the film but for the rave rumor and promo about it. I checked the actual reviews later, after seeing the fim on Sunday night, and found out that what I felt about it was not far off the mark.

It was good with all the CGIs and 3D effect. The fall into the hole, the flickering and lively forest of Wonderland, the ballistics of rocks, tree branches leaves, the mad hatter's hat etc. meeting us right in the face (almost on the nose) or swishing around, the contorted characters, the monstrous soldiers and the hellish gargoyle which was the red queen's final champion, were all frighteningly entertaining. But somehow many of the battle scenes failed to really stir me and I was wondering why.

The answer came as I left the theatre feeling wheezy-cheesy. Yes, It was because I was comparing the film with Avatar and all the
flying creatures doing battle in the sky. That was fantastic. One monstrous gargoyle could not create the effect that hundreds of the flying creatures in Avatar did, nor flying on the brim of a hat give the cold-tummy shiver that riding the flying creatures in Avatar gave.

Well, you can't change the story that Lewis Carol told. But the revisit to the Wonderland could be made more dramatic, especially the battle royal between the white queen's army and the red army. Seen only in the background as little cricket-like characters, the fierceness of the battle was lost while the battle of the champions was too brief and ill-matched. The magic sword did not seem to hold unexpected powers.

But making myself feel like a child again, watching the show was certainly a great experience, leaving the CGI and 3D effect as something unknown.


rambomadonna said...

Hebat, hebat ... couldn't get a ticket last saturday. ended up watching solomon kane huhuhuh...
My friend booked tickets for 2moro... can't wait!

norzah said...

itulah, nak kata tak begitu ampuh sambutan paling hangat. Selamat menonton dan kasih komen balas. U r pakar at this.

rambomadonna said...

Hmm ... I am very particular about storyline and the acting. Looking forward to Johnny Depp's potrayal of the Mad Hatter huhuhu

norzah said...

Hm. I haven't commented on your write-up wrt AIW.
You 2 seem disappointed in a way although Johnny
Depp covers up all the shortfalls. I think the xcitement about the film had died out like our enthusiasm for it.
But the Mad Hatter had a great message for me while the enmity between the Red and White Queen is stereotype. In spite of his madness, the Mad Hatter brought Alice back to the White Queen to ensure that Good overcomes Evil in the end. Don't you see the Mad Hatters in our own society? hehehe.