Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The "Skypeople" Syndrome.

The 3D film Avatar has earned so many acclamations and won so many prizes. It may even surpass Titanic in terms of box-office collection. But beside the message to love the forest, the trees and the animals, what other message do we get. One that comes out loud and clear is: Do not mess around or stop the "Skypeople" from getting what they want. They will keep coming with their formidable warmachines, and will mercilessly kill and destroy people, culture, habitat or a whole civilization ( called uncivilized of course), to get what they want, like the awefully valuable piece of metal as shown in the film.

Tun Mahathir in commenting on the possibility that the September 11, 2001 attacks blamed on the Muslim, could be staged, said: "If they can make the film Avatar, they can make anything. Killing people to provide an excuse for war.." ( NST Jan.21 p.12).Or an excuse to get something that that they needed badly.

Avatar clearly demonstrates what the "skypeople" can do. Bring havoc, destruction and death from the sky, if the natives don't move away so that the mountain and the big tree they live on and revere could be blasted away to get the precious metal they want. Isn't this syndrome not obvious to us yet? How was the Red Indians treated in the frontier days? Of course there were only the guns and the cannons then. Now they can produce monstrous weapons to make the enemies or recalcitrants shiver in their pants (or panties) or fall on their knees to beg for mercy.

So what does the world have, to stop this syndrome from thretening the planet called earth? Can the natives with their spiritual
pterodactyls and other-winged monsters but still using spears, bows and arrows, resist the attacks from the "skypeople" even if they can combine their forces ( which seems almost impossible) ? Where are the avatars who can protect the natives? Maybe we need the "dreamwalkers" to help us natives resist the antics and avarice of the "skypeople"!


rambomadonna said...

Hmm ... maybe that's why I am not destine to be a Prime minister or KSU hehehe ... I see the movie AVATAR in cinematic and filmography context ... can't relate it to something much bigger and deeper like September 11 (YET!) hehehe

Did you read my comment on AVATAR? Watched it before it's official premier on Dec 17 nationwide.

norzah said...

Yes I read it, J, and I gave a late response, after seeing the film. Hey u don't have to be reading things into the story like I do.Enjoyed your comments as they are but the film opened up a sore spot in my heart about USA. It happens that Dr. Mahathir also got the same vibe from the film. I was amazed at how many names u remembered from the film/ couldb't recall any while making my comments and was too lazy to refer to your posting. You remembered even the name of the winged-monster bird which I just called pterodactyl. See I took the macro view, you the micro. U see the trees, I only saw the wood. U need both perspectives to get a full picture on anything at all. So, cheer up and don't ever have the defeatist attitude. Ok?