Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Negeri Sembilan: A Rebirth

As an 'anak Negeri' I've always taken pride in every new development that I see in the state. Yes, there were developments in many aspects of life, especially in Seremban, Senawang, and Port Dickson, particularly from the economic pov. But aside for the development of the Senawang Industrial estate and the new road to PD, nothing can be called spectacular for several years. Until these last few years.....

I think YAB Dato Seri Mohamad Hassan has accomplished a lot since taking over as the MB. Seremban has suddenly become more lively and colourful with Senawang rapidly growing into a satelite city. PD has shown some transformation into a major seaside resort area as it should be with all the new hotels and spruced up picknick areas. What is required is of course more entertainment events throughout the week and not just during weekends.The private sector should be allowed to organize those events on a commercial basis.

This week, in conjuction with the installation of the 11th Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, the most spectacular event took place, ie. the opening of the new road through Bukit Putus. I think it's as historiacal and momentous as the installation of Tuanku Muhriz as the 11the Yang dipertuan Besar itself (see poster pic).

As long as I can remember the only route between Seremban and Kuala Pilah had been through the winding and torturous road called Bukit Putus ( Broken Hillchain), where it takes only a heavy truck to cause a long chain of slow moving vehicles to climb up or go down the hills. Erosion and landslide had all but bring down the hillside and the amount of patching up and plastering with cement and mortars had been tremendous. It can take anywhere from three quarters of an hour to a few hours to just pass through Bukit Putus.

Now it is a smooth glide up with ample room to overtake any slow moving vehicle or come down the hills with some scenic views to boot (see pic taken during a drizzle). I have no doubt that it's going to be a favourite elevated passageway while just down the hill from Seremban will be the Ulu Bendul Recreational area. For now when the road from Seremban to Seri Menanti is heavily decorated with posters and buntings to commemorate the Yang dipertuan Besar's installation, the travel down to Kuala Pilah feels like a procession.

Just before entering the road to Seri Menanti at Parit, Terachi ( another entrance to Seri Menanti is after Tanjung Ipoh town if you're coming from Seremban), located to the left in an open space that used to be an extensive ricefield, is the Restoren Warisan that serves some of the best Negeri Sembilan food. It's a must stop if you want to sample the best of 'masak tempoyak', 'daging salai', 'sambal petai' etc. The free 'janda pulang' drink ( the window who retuns), is succulent and most refreshing (see pic of wife sampling the food).

The lower pic shows the open space of green and fresh air which one can enjoy while sitting in the balcony with wood railings.

Finally, Negeri Sembilan has something unique to offer to visitors. The travel from Seremban to Kuala Pilah or visa versa and going through Bukit Putus, no longer promises a headache to weakheaded drivers and passaengers but a pleasant glide through the top of lush green hills and wide valleys.

Yes, Negeri Sembilan has been reborn with the new elevated road connecting the state capital and Kuala Pilah, Bahau and on to Kuala Lipis or Kuantan in Pahang.


rambomadonna said...

Norzah, you are the second person that said openly that eversince YAB Dato Seri mohammad Hassan became the MB, seremban and PD show rapid development. Of course, she's working for a developer but anak jati nogori.

BTW, datin sure know where to get the best food in N.S. I tapau lemang and rendang from her Ministry open house and it was ... "sodap".

norzah said...

What happened, J? Lama tak memblog sesudah Uncle Raja! Yes, for years nothing much happened in S'ban, PD, let alone Kuala Pilah and Seri Menanti. The winding Bukit Putus Road had been causing nausea for years. especially when you're trapped in a long que behind a slow moving giant truck. Now, you can glide smoothly up and down the the hills with pleasure.
Hey, u should try the tempoyak daun-daun. Exhilarating and boleh pendek nafas macam...u knowlah. Bila cite Deepavali nak keluar?

rambomadonna said...

I pun going places lah Norzah ... KK. Gambar2 nya ada dalam FB. Crita nya selepas ini hehee

Oh yes... sekarang semua yang u anda Datin rekemen I akan try. Sure mesti sodap!

norzah said...

Yes...i dah tengok gambar-gambar tu esp yg pakai baju kurung pink. Kenapalak ada yg tak suka? Kan cantik tu. Yg jelas u sudah selim-melim. Mana abangnya di KK? I pernah pergi ke Kota Belud- rumah Menteri diJabatan PM masa itu, Osman Rauf. Kalau dapat kontek ingin pergi sekali lagi menunjungi dia.