Thursday, October 1, 2009

More HR Feasting and Bellyaching

Look at the amount of food left behind after our most vicious attack on the spread. And look at the satisfied look on everyone's face. That's hariraya feasting which continued last night at Zam's house. I thought i had enough of chicken already but Zam's special brew had me gorging for more. Thanks so much Zam and wife. Muga-muga murah rezki dan panjang umur.

The side talk at the gathering was most interesting, Other than the usual gibes and gruntles about today's political scene, there was some critical assesment of the civil service especially the elite PTD or MADS ( Malaysian Administrative and Diplomatic Service). It seems that the ujian Penilaian Kecekapan instituted by JPA had resulted in so many young officers getting rapid promotion such that some SUBs ( Setiausaha Bahagian or Divisonal Secretaries) and even TKSUs ( Deputy Secretary Generals) are
very inexperienced and ignorant of normal work procedures. Some couldn't even write a Cabinet Paper and had to depend on their more elderly and experienced subordinates. Generally they have more pride than substance, fussy about trites but fuzzy about major issues, more image conscious than getting a job done.

Hohoho.....what do you expect of wanabes who are more exam-oriented, computer addicted, and concerned with making a name on the golf course playing alongside bigshots, rather than getting their hands dirty with work. Worse than that the real slaves who get the work done never get any recognition, but mostly all the blames for delays and errors. Those who put their dobhi-mark on the final paperwork get the kudos. And also the bottom-fanners ( or ball carriers some say) and apple-shiners. What if the boss is a lady? Fan her ego la!

With all the talks on KPI, we certainly hope that the real 'slaves' in the service will get a fair assesment of their work. The KSN, the KSUs, the SUBs can come and go without affecting work output. But take the real slave workers away and the Ministries and Departments will be clogged with unattended files and unresolved issues. Do not take the old, experienced, hiddden-in- messy-offcice- corners and low-ranking officers who could not pass those sophisticated PhD graduate-devised exams, for granted. One of them could be worth more than ten paper-qualified KPSUs and SUBs. The Civil Service is indeed becoming more e-knowledge. Make sure it's not e-work ( 'e' for empty).

Turning to politics the flow is in the reverse. Old, tired, and allegation-plastered faces ( some allegations already acknowledged but accommodated) continue to dominate the scene. No exam to bother, no rules and regulations to be followed since polirtical exigencies beat everything else - if a law stands in the way, fuck the law and change or amend it-
just work hard to win the election and by-election. If you win you are great. You can do anything you want so long as you know how to get Cabinet's or the PM's nod. So what's social justice ( you give me what I want you are just), what's human rights ( if you can win a fight, a battle or a war, you are right), what's compassion , what's priorities ( what the boss wants comes first or you are out), what's rakyat didahulukan ( only those who vote for you are important), what's 1 Malaysia when everybody has his or her own idea of bersatu ( ask the schoolboys who are running after school girls or Dr Chua Soi Lek), what's a PhD when anybody can get an honorary one or buy it. There's only one rule for advancement in politics. Please the boss. Civil Servant can try this but when you get into trouble the boss will just drop you. You're inefficient when you get caught.

Hey, this is the month of Eid, a month of Forgiving and Well-wishing. Stop bellyaching! I guess you can't stop people talking even when you lavish them with the best food on the Malaysian menu. I walloped the food but also imbibed the verbal titbits for good measure. Check the pics. Selamat Hariraya.

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