Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taking Stock of Events.

It's some months since I posted anything and a lot had happened since then. Let me focus on just a few to reexamine what I think and feel about them.

The oil price hike tops my list of concern. The price of crude has fallen but the retail price of gas remains at RM2.75 in spite of repeated annoucement that it will come down. Is the promise being used as a carrot for the Permatang Pauh by-election? If we win we bring it down to maybe RM2 or lower. If not, let it remain! The price hike took effect overnight but bringing it down again has been dragging for months. Unfulfilled promise is a bain, a pain, and a drag on Barisan's image. Why doesn't the government just go ahead with the price reduction and fulfil a promise before the by election?

The 'lewat' case against Anwar is becoming a joke. We've a young and 'jambu' man running around holding up his hands saying,'Hey, guys. I've been sodomized by Anwar against my will.' He was Anwar's assistant when the alledged act took place. Was there a threat he'd loose his job if he had refused? If not, doesn't it sound like there's a mutual consensus? But please don't go around telling the world, 'Hey, I've been sodomized..'and calling a press conference to give the details then say that many of the Press questions will be answered in court.

The muqabalah (discussions) between UMNO and PAS dignitaries haad dream a lot of attention. UMNO shows that it's open minded and ready to talk with PAS about power-sharing to safeguard the interests of the Bumis. PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz
immediately threw a challeng: If so let's dissolve UMNO and PAS and set a new political organization to uphold Islam and the rights of the Bumis. At the State level, UMNO's suggestion to share power is an appeal, not an offer for the power is in Pakatan's hands. Whatever is done, dissolving UMNO and PAS to create a new organization would take time and in the meantime SOMEONE else would have to run the show. Can we risk that? Would it not become like destroying two strong houses to merge them into one and running the risk of having no place to stay?

Finally, every top gun in the country seems to be facing some kind of investigation by the ACA, if all complaints are to be duely investigated into. The PM, the DPM, several Ministers, the AG, the IGP, Director-Generals of Departments ( a few already charged), Directors, you name it. What's happening? Who is calling the shots now? ACA? It may soon become a Commision with independent powers vested by the Agong. I think the time has come when the Agong has to step in more often on the advise of a high-powered judicial body. Only proper imposition of the law will bring back everything under order.

That's enough reflection for now. I'm sure that things will begin to take a new shape after 26 August, after the by election in Permatang Pauh. If Barisan wins, the new PM designate will come a step closer to fulfilling the 2010 agenda. If Anwar comes into the picture as a Parliamentarian, the country might be singing a new song, willy-nilly.

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