Friday, August 29, 2008

Aternative govt.

Barisan is still strong in Parliament although DASAI is back. Everyone says that Barisan/UMNO needs to change if it's to regain the confidence of the people. Otherwise they seem prepared or resigned to accept an alternative govt., at least for a change.

They all fully realize what the alternative govt. holds for them. A very shaky coalition, political leaders that are often at odd with each other, uncertain political stand on many issues, unclear goals, and most importantly, untried but for a few months at the state level. Why are the Malaysian willing to take the gamble? What changes do they want in Barisan/UMNO?

The cry seems to be a change in leadership. But who do they have in mind beside Abdullah/Najib? Mahyudin? Hisyamuddin? Or ex-leaders like Tengku Razaleigh and Musa Hitam? The current succession plan precludes any possibility of an immediate change, nor is an obviously outstanding candidate available. Hence the alternative govt's candidate(s) seems more convincing.

But can't there be some important changes in Barisan/UMNO without a change in the current leadership? What for example? Stop the stupid exploitation of the sodomy issue and focus on other causes of public dissatisfaction or grievances. What? If UMNO doesn't know then it has not been sensitive enough to the howls and cries of the public. Stop the 3k family affair concept of making national decision and let Cabinet's voice come to the fore. Don't overexpose Dato Najib, making statements that make people suspect his own integrity. Stop announcing billions/millions of ringgit for this and that funds when people don't actually know what becomes of them, how they are utilized and distributed, what progress made, who benefitted etc. There's hardly any convincing follow up report on money spent and progress made. Only leakages, mismanagement and corruption charges are often highlighted.

Perhaps both the PM's and DPM's speeches need to be gone through or rewritten by some professional writers who can inject some new and dynamic ideas and concepts. They seem to have lost their umph and creditability due to the repetition of the same old jargons which people do not find invigourating or refreshing anymore. New and bold concepts in line with the new thinking of the rakyat must be introduced. Less propaganda and more of challenge and motivation with obvious rewards for
successful endeavours.

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