Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Root of Evil ….

Politics and Religion seem to be the root cause of evil in the world today. People are fighting and killing each other in many countries to gain or maintain political power. Countries gang up to oppose or suppress other countries for the same reason. Religion and religious faith on the other hand spread hatred, enmity and prejudice by its followers against those holding other religious belief, since early times…
many international discussions over the matter
Most of the bitter enmities and ruthless killings among people today can be traced down to differences in political ideologies,convictions and interest or religious extremism. Or so it appears as evidenced by the actions of some ruthless political leaders and religious fanatics. The so-called Muslim Terrorists are the most famous villains of most heinous murders and killings in the world today, giving the MUslims all over the world a scandalous reputation.

So it seems that politics and religion are the root of all evils. But the First Epistle to Timothy in the New Testament (1 Timothy 6:10 KJV) says" For the love of money is the root of all evil." Radix malorum est cupidas is Latin for "Greed is the root of all evil". For the Muslims, love of the material world is the root of all evil, and a really good Muslim is one who works is if he's going to live forever and pray to Allah as if he's going to die tomorrow. The most religious Muslims, however, such as the Sufis and the Ulamahs, have divested themselves of all worldy interest and focused their existence entirely to doing obeisance to Allah. One wonders if the suicide bombers have also divested themselves of all worldly interest and are only too eager to sacrifice themselves to do what they belief is the best service to their religion and Allah.

No one, I believe, will agree that politics is entirely bad and the source of evil, less so that religion is the cause of muderous crimes and killings in the world. Only the fanatics in both aspects of life would kill other human beings to promote or uphold their belief and conviction on both counts. Fanatics are of course not normal, unlike most people in the world.
If politics and religion are not the root of all evil while the love and greed for money and wealth is only natural for the normal human beings, what then is the real root of all evil leading to the inhuman killings and massacres of human lives?
the killing goes on
I would venture to suggest that what the root of all evil leading men to kill each other today, is the lost of respect for human life itself. Men have forgotten that life is a precious gift of God that no human can create although they can procreate - two entirely different phenomena which are subject to confusion among many people. A baby cannot be conceived or given birth to, if the Cretor does not allow it to happen. and doctors cannot create life. But men created weapons that can kill with the pull of a trigger or the push of a button from a safe distance, produce heartless warriors that can pull the trigger or push the button without any compunction, and authorise generals who can give the order to do so….
they just boy orders
It seems pointless now for political and religious leaders to ask their followers to be rational, level-headed, non-exremist, considerate, fair etc etc. People have lost respect for human life and killing with a gun or a bomb is just like swatting a fly. People all over the world must relearn to respect and honour life. Only then will the senseless killings and murders in the world will stop or at lesst be confined to the action of the insane.

Politics and religion are not the root cause of evil but the product of human evil creating the machines and instruments of death. And fanatical leaders in politic and religion use the machine for their selfish interest. Don't they realise that there will be a Day of Judgment and that their evil deed will have to be paid for without any power on earth or in the next life (if they believe that it exists) to help them?

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