Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Punishing Evil with Evil

President Assad has resorted to the use of chemical weapon against civilians including children (his own people) to retain power in Syria. This is considered "a heinous war crime" and President Trump has ordered the US Air Force to bombard a strategic airbase in Syria as punishment. A destructive punishment for an evil act. Many seem happy about this and support President Trump's action,including Saudi Arabia.

There is no doubt that President Assad has resorted to a very cruel,dangerous and destructive strategy to threaten his people who are opposing his regime. The long-term effect of such a move is still unknown but the children who suffered from the chemical attack is pathetic. It's just inhuman and macabre, making President Assad unworthy of being a leader…..
you, killed them!
One can only recall the horrors of the A Bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was to stop a world war and the lesson we learnt from it would hopefully deter any other attempt to start another world war - a nuclear holocaust for certain.
what wrong have they done?
It's actually most pathetic that there are still leaders in various parts of the world who refuse to step down from the throne of power when most of their people don't want them anymore. They would of course have their vanguards, staunch supporters, benefactors, advisors and loyalists to keep them in power and claim that their enemies are only a minority. Even the free election mechanism can be tempered with to ensure that they remain in power. But ultimately they will certainly fall, perhaps after the country is reduced to shamble…..
what if he's your kid?
Must we wait for such an eventuality to satisfy the vengeance or vindictive impulses of a leader who had fallen out of favour? Have they no conscience to realise that they are not wanted anymore, that they should withdraw gracefully? How much damage and how much cruelty and deceit must be tolerated before such a leader can be thrown out, perhaps with the help of outside power?

The military and the Police in countries facing such dilemma usually remain loyal to the existing regime.Otherwise they will surely take over the government. They turn against the people as ordered by the regime in power and create more harm than good, killing citizens with the arms and the weapons bought with the tax money that these citizens paid.

It is for this reason that they should remain neutral and not become a tool of the unwanted regime to threaten the people. The Police and the Military should know when turning their guns on their own people would constitute a crime against humanity and civilisation, and not blindly follow the orders of an embittered leader, already denounced by many.

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