Thursday, February 9, 2017

Politics and Religion

If there are two things that plague the world since time immemorial, more than the economic and health problems of society, they are politics and religion. They divide people, cause serious enmity to the level of waging disasterous wars against each other, and become the harbinger of death and destruction far more fearful than natural disasters.
destruction without compucntion
And we human beings have not overcome this plague, even in the age of high technology and science, high education and wisdom, refined culture and values, etc...

While the fortunate and prosperous members of society busy themselves enjoying and fulfilling their goals in life, millions of others in different countries are struggling to survive human injustice,rapaciousness, jealousy,animosity and aggression against each other. We shoot and kill innocent people -- men, women, children and babies, detonate explosive, fire rockets and missiles on crowded living areas, or drop murderous bombs on defenceless countries, without betting an eye.
horror without a care
As if there's no compunction, no feeling and respect for human life, no thought of God and His reprisal,and no human heart to feel anything at all. Of course, those who actually do the work will say that they do it "on orders or command". But aren't those who gave the orders also human beings? Do they have the right to destroy human lives like demigods? Who chose and empowered them? Are we still so stupid to follow insane and inhuman orders?

Ask them why they give such orders or command and the answer will either be because of political interests or religion. The "jihad" wars of the early days or "crusades" were triggered by deep religious beliefs.But now, they are mainly due to political interests and human thirst for power and domination alone. Religion becomes only a lame excuse to weed away undesirable human elements by political leaders who cannot by any measure be called pious or deeply religious. What is piety when you don't even respect human lives? While the Muslims continue to kill each other over the issue of the rightful path or "mazhab", especially between the Syiah and the Sunni , it is still doubtful as to whether their ruthless and merciless action is motivated by pure religious concern or instigated by political interest,subterfuge and affiliation.So is the hatred for Muslims as shown by the followers of other faiths.

The political wars may never end since we human beings have been dubbed as political animals - with emphasis on the second term. But are we also going back to the age of religious wars by allowing religious differences to turn the ultra-modern guns, the missiles and weapons of mass destruction on each other? There are good and bad people in ALL RELIGIONS. It's not the religion that is good of bad for they are all inspired by the God, the Creator or Unseen power that creates life. No Human genius can create life so far although they can create life-like machines. What makes a person, a society or a nation think that the religious faith he or it adopts is hollier than that adopted by others? What makes you think that your prayer is more holly in the eye of God than mine? Only God Knows which is the prayer or the faith that He prefers. If a person is bad, it's not because of his religion for there re millions of others holding the same faith who are good. He is bad because of his upbringing and his life's philosophy if the has one.
different faiths need not separate
We now have family members adopting different faith and religious beliefs. Yet the family remains intact and lives in harmony. It's the family with members holding different political affiliations that often find it hard to remain together. It's proof that religion can unite or does not cause open antagonism or enmity between people. It's politics which does that although politicians often use religion as another murderous weapon to serve their ends.

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