Monday, August 22, 2016

The Olympians, salute.

The 2016 Olympics is over and it proved that in the field of sports all nations in the world,big and small, can produce champions. We salute you all champions of the world. You are better heroes than those who fought in wars and killed people to prove their prowess. While you are decorated with Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze, they should be awarded "The Reapers"
medal of horror and deaths.can you pierce the heart of an enemy at the Game?

Who will God punish on Judgement Day? The killers or those who order them to destroy and kill?

While the Olympic Games were going on the Reaper Warriors continue to do their killing in many of the war-torn countries,
directed by the warlords from WITHIN the country or from OUTSIDE.Women and children are killed and tortured without mercy or any sign of remorse by people who consider themselves well-educated and cultured.They seemed to forget that one day they are going to face the Reaper too, like those whose order they are complying strong is your kick?

Please Mr. Reaper. Cut them to pieces bit by bit like they tortured their victim and let the world hear their cries for mercy.

If all the so-called soldiers and mercenaries, including the self-styled "jihadies" and suicide bombers, ever stop to think of God, and stop killing people for whatever reason and only capture the law-breakers to face proper justice at a fair trial, the bloodshed in the world will certainly cease. Just refuse to kill and the war will end. For as long as they are willing to pull the trigger or push the button of doom as ordered by their masters like unthinking dogs, the wars in the world will continue. Indeed the excuse for waging a war on others is endless for human beings are never satisfied with what the Lord gives them.see whose head is stronger

We should indeed have more Olympic Games or Mini Olympics at national, regional and world level, where champions in all fields of sports, including war-games that don't kill people, and individual prowess at using all kinds of weapons can be contested. The old ways of settling dispute by having your champion fight for you to decide the winner in the dispute is a good way of stopping all wars.

Wars should be banned and all warlords put on trial by a world court of justice- yes, the International Court of Justice is acceptable with representatives from all independent nations. Have we really learnt enough from the Olympics and the Olympians?

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