Thursday, August 27, 2015

Malaysians: Let's Save Our Nation!!!!!

Every Malaysian who loves this country on which his/her life and fortune depend, must now feel threatened. Never before had this country and nation made us feel so insecure politically, economically and morally, not even the bloody May 13th incident which was promptly quelled. The once stable, harmonious and  progressive nation had now been branded with all sorts of humiliating and degrading names that can make a Malaysian blush with shame.

There is no need to adumbrate or recount all the possible causes. Such an effort will only meet with all sorts of denials, allegations and counter allegations, controversies, and more washing of dirty linens in the public. Even school children can itemise a number of them. What's important is to find a way to recover our good name and image both locally and internationally, without sending the country into a traumatic shock or total destruction.

Noting the public sentiment at this moment, it's easy to conclude that the head of the government is the cause of all the problems. But I 'm sure  not everyone is certain that removing one or two master cogs in the wheel of government (which has thousands of wheels, beltings and gears) will solve all the problems. Politics is a necessary evil of modern government and no effective political leaders in the world had retired without some social scars or blemish. They will ultimately be judged by the legacies they left and whether  the country they led now remains stable, progressive and peaceful or not.  How they did their work as a politician is always debatable and controversial. "Dirty" and "devious" ways of getting things done is  often the norms rather than the exception, since the means often justify the ends in politics. Ethics and morality have no absolute standard of excellence except in religious terms.

So,  how can we dispel all the shameful and dishonourable names that Malaysia had been dubbed with and resume our status as a stable, progressive and peaceful nation? No one can give a direct answer, let alone provide a solution that can be agreed to by everyone. So, just start with the most urgent thing to be done.

 Firstly, stop the sliding value of the ringgit and the rising prices of goods essential for a decent living.

All leaders of the government should stop politicking and concentrate on how to do the above. Use all the brains in the country and not depend on the advice of ministers who put political and party interest above everything else. Stabilize the value of the ringgit and ensure that the essential things for a decent and modern living in this country is affordable to all. Spend money and efforts on that  and nobody will
complain. But harping on what the party had done in the past, that the party in power must consolidate it's strength and that the Malays will become "terbangsat" (destitute) if the party is thrown out, would not solve any problem. In fact it can create more animosity and resentment.

Secondly, stop the  "monopolisation" of development  projects by companies with political source of power. This includes companies owned or headed by political bigwigs.

Through the so-called open tender system, government related companies and/or companies headed by prominent politicians will get the project with  promise of certain benefits to the party.  The political contribution involved can push the price of such projects sky-high.

Use the cost-plus method where the profit margin had been decided and there's not much room for marking up prices to accommodate political interest. Actual costs should be left to the professional experts to evaluate while the profit margin allowed is predetermined. Thus total cost can be effectively controlled and the cutting of corners to increase profit margin at the expense of product quality can be

Thirdly, let the administrators in government reapply all procedures and measures provided by the various GOs and Circulars designed to curb misuse of power and  corruption, in handling development projects.

This has been frowned upon before due to delays and bureaucratic tardiness. But it's the short cut which allows misuse of power and authority. Violations of  bureaucratic  rules and regulations can be easily detected and the culprit made to face the music. But not  when the political masters decide to get things done their own way, forcing the administrators to ignore all standing orders and procedures. Yes,
they can be asked to find all sorts of excuses to get things done in a hurry, involve huge additional cost, and favour certain groups of political supporters. Therein lies the 'injustice' of service to the rakyat. Who is to check on such injustice?

These three things are enough to ensure that things will start moving in the right direction, rather than let politics rule the day with the nasty reputation that some politician have acquired for themselves. The rule of law must be enforced and administrative justice restored. The administrators should have more say in getting things done while the political leaders should only set the goals that the voting public wanted them to focus on.


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