Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ramadhan Cometh Again.

Soon Ramadhan will come around and Muslims all over the world will fast from sunrise to sunset. It will be a month of cleansing the soul, intensifying our prayers and subjugation (ibadah) to Allah SAW., making peace with the material world and seeking peace for the life hereafter. It is a month in which Muslims will devote their days and nights to doing obeisance to the Creator of Heaven and Earth.welcome, month of peace and devotion

But will the world respect this obligation of the Muslims and not start any provocation? Will the world let the Muslims have their month of search for spiritual peace and harmony, through sacrifice and devotion to the performance of good deeds according to the demands of the Islamic faith(amal makruf) and staying away or observing all prohibitions (nahi munkar). Will their refusal to be drawn into anything that contradicts the above concern be properly understood and accepted? Will their refusal to retaliate to any provocation be not considered as an act of cowardice?doing good in the community

More importantly: will the Muslims themselves respect and honour the right of their neighbours and fellow Muslims and fellow citizens to observe the sanctity of the month of Ramashan in peace and full concentration ( khusuk nd tawadhuk)? Will the Muslims in war-torn countries stop their animosity, belligerence and ferocity towards each other for whatever reason be it political, sectarian or just personal? Will they stop aiming and pulling the trigger of their weapons of death at their enemies, who are also Muslims though of a different order or who belong to a different political interest group? Are they willing to be Muslims first and let all other consideration take a back-seat? Can they for a while stop evaluating and judging each other on the "correctness" of their interpretations of Islam, just concentrate on your own understanding of the al-Quran and Hadiths (if you accept them), and let Allah decide on who is right or wrong when the time comes to do so.

It is my belief that the misgivings and antagonism between the Muslims themselves are more divisive and destructive than outside interference. Even in this age of instantaneous communication, unlimited sources of reference, ample opportunity to exchange views and share common values and understanding, the Muslims in different countries and in the same country are more divided than the non-Muslims. Call yourselves the adherence of a religion of peace (Islam) yet you cannot tolerate a neighbour who understands the al-Quran or Hadiths differently from you, or perform his or her prayers differently in certain aspects. The more rigid the rules you adhere to the more critical you become of those who advocate different rules as interpreted by different Imams. But aren't you all praying to the same Allah and seeking the same blessings?
What makes you so sure that you're right and the others are wrong? After all only Allah knows what is the absolute right….

No, I'm no preacher. I just think that the killing and bloodshed between Muslims as brothers are just non-Islamic and not even human. The weapons you hold in your hands are like Shaitan and succumbing to the pleasure of squeezing the trigger with the weapon aimed at a human being is a Satanic act. Satan can promise you anything at all in this world but succumb to its command, and you're destined for hell.Satans in your hand

Let the coming Ramadhan be a month of peace and total devotion to Allah SWT.

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