Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ramadhan is Here Again....

Ramadan , the most sanctified month in the Islamic calendar, is just around the corner and will be here before you can get the old bone-shaker out of the workshop. We here in Malaysia enjoy peace and stability, despite some protests against the result of GE13. But elsewhere in the Islamic world especially Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan etc., the Arab Spring scourge continues to take its toll in the lives of the so-called Islamic brethren. Allah's prescription that the blood of a Muslim is 'haram' to another Muslim, seemed to be totally neglected.Right or Wrong, the Final Outcome

Over here the Muslim are excited to usher in the month of piety, forgiveness, reticence in food-intake, wayward behavior or verbal criticisms, and in contrast to the restraints, the plethora of food and delicacies which will be on sale. In no other month will the supermarkets, the malls, the shops and the car-park or road-side stalls in Malaysia be so packed with goods and goodies to cater for the Muslims who fast by day and feast by night.Of course the non-Muslims can also enjoy the myriads of traditional Malay dishes and delicacies that will suddenly fill the markets. Come afternoon in the month of Ramadan, the food stalls will be so jam-packed with people buying food for breaking their fast, while the aroma of chicken, beef and various delicacies being cooked in situ, can make breathing a little difficult but most appetizing.Allah can certainly see your face

It's most saddening to think of what will happen in the countries where the Muslims are at war against our just quarreling among their own countrymen? Will they have time to fulfill the requirements of Ramadan, both physically and spiritually? Couldn't they forget politics, power struggle and the different approaches in their understanding of Islam (such as the Shiites vs the Sunnis)for the period of the holy month at least? Before they start killing each other can't they think of themselves as Muslims first and that they are just killing their own brothers? Don't they realize who are smiling at them and perhaps saying to themselves: "Go ahead, kill each other. We'll have less enemies to be bothered with."Face of Sadness n Misery in Ramadan?

Look around ye Muslims. Call yourselves peaceful people but who are creating the problems now? Even if you realize that some foreign elements might be sowing the seed of enmity and dissension between us in the name of fighting for freedom and democracy, we are the ones who are destroying our own unity and brotherhood. Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him) had said that the Muslims will be broken up into 23 different groups and would be fighting each other for supremacy. Are we, therefore, not helping to make the prophetic warning become a reality faster than the warning of the prophets of doom that the world will run short of food and humanity will perish? With the coming of Ramadan - the month of intensifying our prayers and seeking Allah's blessings- wouldn't it be most appropriate to take a hard look at ourselves in the light what Allah has designated the Muslims to be on this earth, and make peace with ourselves and our brothers of the same faith. If the Prophet (PBUH) could make peace with the enemies who wanted to kill him, couldn't we at least make peace with our brothers to honor Allah's injunction "kullu Muslimina ikhwatun."

Let's begin the month of Ramadan with a prayer and a pledge that we Muslims will not kill each other for whatever reason that our minds can create to justify our action. Let's talk things over peacefully as we proceed to observe the restrictions of Ramadan and not insult the month when Allah delivered the al-Quran to us through Gibrail and when the gates of repentance are thrown wide open and Satans are all held at bay. While we in Malaysia will celebrate Ramadan in peace with our non-Muslim countrymen,we pray that out Muslim brothers who are at war among themselves to fight for a worldly cause, can turn their attention to the spiritual pursuit of peace and forgiveness from Allah.


kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
There's no reason to quarrel much less to kill, worst among the faithfuls. Why does it happen then? It's greed and devious means were adopted to realize that 'dream'.

Those who dream of big things for themselves would have to sustain their efforts. They obviously seek help from external sources from those who have the financial clout and their own reasons to cause trouble.

Thus we cannot explain the madness in logical terms. Things are prompted though lots of hidden agendas.

Selamat Berpuasa!


norzah said...

Can't agree more with u , Akhi Hank. Opportunists are using public dissatisfaction to create political disturbance everywhere in Africa and the middle east. Hope Malaysia will not be dragged into the fiasco, falling into the same trap.

norzah said...
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abdulhalimshah said...

Let us supplicate to Allah that all the killings that goes on in the Islamic world shall cease or else it is a sign of many of the eventual "Qiamat" which is approaching. After all death is the small "Qiamat" for those who died in whatever circumstances that prevail. Once the world comes to an end, everything shall perish and there is no more we can do to prepare for the Judgement Day.