Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back to Normalcy

The general election is over and Malaysians returned to their normal life, when politics seems to be a remote power influencing their destiny. There're rumblings about the opposition mounting a campaign to protest against frauds in the election, about old faces occupying the same seat of power with some shuffling around and only a few new faces being placed in important Cabinet posts, and about how MCA is going to react to the new Cabinet line-up. But otherwise, every Malaysian is happy to continue with their normal life like before. New Chief Minister of Kedah

One wonders how the world would be without politics, leaders vying for power to rule over the masses, using organized institutions to achieve their end. In Malaysia, teachers used to be the moving power behind UMNO and the National Front. And we enjoyed peace and stability for decades. Now the professionals take over the leadership, including professional politicians. Politics become a business with power to control human interactions and the market. We the consumers can shout our voice hoarse without any effect unless,of course, you've huge cables to pull. Correction. Even little cables are okay if you are in the right group. If you're in the opposition camp, say what you want. You can do nothing till the nest GE, four or five years from now.

First thing that I noted after the GE is that the flags, buntings and posters lining up the roads are not entirely removed yet. Some can be very hazardous to drivers because you can't see the other side of the road or what's in the next corner. After a heavy rain these paraphernalia of election campaign are a real eyesore. Two weeks given by the authorities to remove them is too long a period. They should be removed within a week.

The share market shot up in volumes of transaction and values immediately after the election. A real bonus for those in the game but means nothing to the those who don't or couldn't afford to gamble away their meager earnings. Price of things remained the same or even showed a slight increase. There certainly is no new regulations for price control in the next few months and anything can happen. In and around KL the pipes run dry for hours and even days. The opposition (Pakatan) is returned to power and I'm sure it will continue to be blamed for the water stoppage in Selangor and some areas in the Federal Territory of KL.The argument continues and the people affected will continue to suffer. There has been a lot of rain lately and it pays for those affected by the water shortage to harness the gift of Nature and the Creator in their own way for their own use.New Minister of Youths and Sports

Kedah has been recaptured by Barisan ( the National Front) and the son of our illustrious ex-Perime Minister, Tun Mahathir, installed as Chief Minister. It's too early to expect any immediate change of policy or its method of implementation. But many eyes will certainly be focused on what will develop there as well as in the MInistry of Youths and Sports where the son-in-law of our ex- Prime Minster, Tun Abdullah Badawi, has been installed as the Minister. Other Ministerial shuffles are not too surprising although the new Minister of Tourism and Culture had raised some eyebrows since the post required a tremendous amount of good PR stuff and cultural sensitivity.
New Minister of Tourism
The GNP growth for the first quarter of this year is 4.1%, short of what is expected to achieve the high-income aspiration of the nation. But since the PM, the author of the High-Income-Nation goal, shall remain as the Minister of Finance, he will certainly do something to jolt up the economic growth. We can only hope that it shall be done without causing the prices of foodstuff and other consumer goods to take a big leap upward, thus creating a false impression of a faster economic growth and a higher standard of living. Of course, by returning the Barisan to power,we have implicitly agreed to the current price of patrol, the toll rate, and the cost of housing - items which the opposition had wanted to review.


abdulhalimshah said...

Whatever party that forms the government, one thing they cannot change is the economic climate of the western countries and the new economic powers of late, Japan,China and India. These are the countries that will determine the economic fortunes of a small nation like ours. If the Eurozone countries continue in their economic woes, then there is not much to be expected with our overall growth. Thus our first quarter's economic performance has already indicated as such. Our Finance Minister cannot be priming the pump until everything goes dry. There is a limit where domestic spending can shore up demand. Like it or not we will probably underperform like the rest of the world.

norzah said...

i share the same view ,Akhi, but let's hope it's not true. More disturbing, from what have been said by the new ministers, some not even appointed as senators yet (so appointment was minister is null and void legally speaking), there isn't going to be any change in policy, brim will continue, the father christmas type of gifts will continue, everything will be the same. At least Selangor has reduced the price of petrol. I understand Barisan is following . aping Pakatan. So. who is taking the lead in bringing about changes.

kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah!
My main concern is the trend of pitting the races against each other. The impending disaster and the destruction that will definitely follow will put back the country many years. Some tough measures can be taken and should be especially the GE13 is over. I don't see why the drumming up of hatred with the illegal demos is still given all the leeway.


norzah said...

this has been the danger of building up our political parties along racial lines. The late Dato Onn saw this danger but could not do anything about it, he lost trying to form a party from all racial groups. Tunku and Tun could control MCA and MIC cos the presidents were close buddies. Now the presidents of the various parties under Barisan could hardly be said to be friends. Gerakan has already called for a single party again with all the racial groups dumped in. But will it work?Each party in Pakatan on the other hand has its individual party objectives. They join hands because of a common enemy. So where do we start to put the motley crowd together? Najis really has a big problem on hand.