Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Beautiful.Cold and Rainy Morning....

We all love a bright sunny morning, with birds and bees fluttering in the breeze and people hurrying to their offices to start work. On weekends many of course will not witness the morning sun, perhaps remaining in bed until ten or even later. Then preparing oneself for lunch or an outing....

So, who appreciates a cold, rainy morning? Ever thought of that?

What about the housewives who have so many things to clear up in the house from unwashed linen, crockeries, the fridge stuffed-up with left-overs, the rooms which have not be vacuumed for some time, the floor which had not be stripped off from heavy carpeting for months with dust collecting everywhere, the furniture which had not been rearranged for ages, etc, etc? There's enough work for three rainy days or more.

What about the tired executives who had not been able to sit and read in their studies for months? Catch up on the news, the cinemas, the sports, and the neighbors.The wife and the children could fill you in better then the radio or TV. Of course now you have the Internet and Facebook.Anything worthwhile knowing should be in the FB, Twitters etc. etc. Just keep surfing the internet the whole morning and afternoon, before you fall asleep. Hey, you get damn tired surfing the net you know!

I'm surveying the neighborhood from my window, the houses, the trees and the hills all shrouded in a hazy, wet, but transparent blanket. Today is a weekday and most of the abled bodied men and women must be keeping busy in the office. chit-chatting around with colleagues or clients with a cup of hot coffee in their hands or attending a meeting. How many years of our life are spent in that way? Only the house-wives and non school-going children must be at home with the maids, forced to remain indoors by the rain and drizzle.

So...what's beautiful about it? For those who are at home, think my friend. It's one of the rare occasions when you can be by yourself watching Nature refresh itself in a cold bath, relieving itself from the heat of sin and mayhem generated by human beings. Perhaps the war mongers in war-torn countries will stay at home today, and not think of killing people. Perhaps the murders, the thieves and the criminals in society will stay home and make love to their life-partners, thus enjoying the pleasures of loving people rather then victimizing them.

For the rich and wealthy, go on, wallow in your comfortable den with lots of food and drinks to enjoy, while the poor and hungry in war-torn countries seek shelter somewhere from the cold and rain , nursing their empty bellies.


kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
There are good days there are bad days. You can't win them all. We busy ourselves with what we know best, to do at our own time. The rat race takes a breather on those days and picks up steam immediately after. We let them be!


norzah said...

"The rat race take a breather on those (rainy) days.." I like that very much Akhi Kaykuala, and I hope it does. Traveling along the highway however, I see that a number of accidents occurred, giving the tow truck owners and worship a lot of business.
Whatever. happens, I guess some people will benefit and some will loose out