Friday, July 15, 2011


Driving through KL city and witnessing the Floria Show and Floats at night in Putrajaya will convince anyone that things are back to normal in KL and Malaysia as a whole after the July 9 incident. Clearly the government and the Police had done a good job to stop the street protest from escalating into the anti-government and violent show of emotions as feared. Except for one unfortunate death and some injuries suffered, nothing much happened. The arrest of 700 or more is a different matter - legal not political.

No matter what happened in KL, Malaysia has always been a peaceful country in general. Even during the confrontation and 13th May, things were very peaceful over a large part of the country especially in the rural areas. The common folks will get on with their life as usual and at some common meeting places even in Kuala Lumpur, people will be happily enjoying their favorite food and 'teh tarik' late into the night as in the pic. These shots were taken at the Weekend Family Fare at MATICS near Concord Hotel and another favorite eatery. The food, cultural show, and open market fare at MATIC is held every Saturday night amidst glittering lights and endless music with streams of local visitors and foreign tourists enjoying the sight. sound and tastes of Malaysia delicacies.

When we sit back and witness the people of Malaysia going about doing their things in the day and enjoying themselves at the popular eating and fun places at night, one wonders what the talk about Islamic extremism, communal conflicts , infringement of basic human rights, political wrangling between political parties and within each party, the repression of freedom etc. is all about.We only read about all those in the Press but we don't see them on the streets. We see and hear the battle of words, legal jargons and political accusations and hatred in Parliament and at political caucuses. But not on the streets. On the highways, the streets and the roads we only see traffic jams and people hurrying about, trying to jump the que or beat the traffic light. But no threats, no exchange of insults, no aggressive shaking of fists between citizens of various races and no condemnation of each other.

Malaysians are general very friendly, accommodating and hospitable. Yes there are grouses and unhappiness here and there about the adminsitration, the bureaucracy and traffic jams, the escalating costs of things, the whimsicality of the weather etc. But people are reasonably happy and friendly.

So, who are creating the problems, the scare, the threats to peace and stability, the ill-will and the prejudice between racial groups and ethnic communities? Who are making us citizens of Malaysia afraid and suspicious of each other? Who ore the ones making us fight each other and treating each other like arc enemies? We all have our own answers. The answers will become more apparent and transparent as we approach GE13.


abdulhalimshah said...

On the surface of that seemingly placid and serene political and social everyday life there lies the embers of fire like a charcoal that have been fired waiting for petrol or kerosene to be poured on. That spark could well be the one which is stoked by hell bent politicians on both divide.
In a plural society like ours, the life which you described is superficially peaceful when no one starts the hatred and making demands based on race and competing for the scarce resources. But once sensitivities are trampled upon, whether it is with regard to race or religion, then all hell will break loose. I would not count so much on superficialities but more on the underlying grievances which if not addressed properly will cause this Nation of ours will repeat history.

kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
Back to normalcy, yes but still mired in controversies. Both sides of the divide each trying to blame the other and justifying their actions at the same time. Politics complicates rather than resolves and it is sickening. Even the TBH Royal Commission's findings despite being brought before a distinguished set of members are found wanting. There seems to be no end to insults and counter insults - our brand of politics which shows immaturity and crude attitudes.

Al-Manar said...

I used to listen to Soekarno's speech over Radio Indonesia. My hair would stnd on end. I have never heard anyone possessing such a skill. No wonder he could make Indonesians rise against the Dutch. The shout of 'merdeka' was echoed this side of the waters. Being his admirer, I can forgive many of his faults. And I believe in his 'guided democracy' principle. Perhaps we need this, beginning with strict guide-lines for names to register babies at birth!

norzah said...

Akhi Halim, the boiling magma under the calm and peaceful placidness of the Malaysian social scene, is most frightening. We all know it had been there all these while, ready to burst asunder like a volcamo. Question is who had been aggrevating the situation - Barisan itself or the opposition? Who is causing more fear and trepidation in the hearts of the Malaysians? The answer might become apparent as we approach the next election. Thanks for the response.

norzah said...

Akhi Kaykuala, " our brand of politics shows immaturity and crude attitudes" is indeed a factor which has caused the problem of race relations to backslide. Some leaders are filling up the political stream with red herrings so that the public will not see the crocs hiding in the deep. Some are trying to expose the skeletons in the cupboard but are being called the villain for doing so. Hence the trading of insults and crudities some of which are very childish. Do we have any choice at all? thanks for the comment.

norzah said...

Dear Pakcik Hassan, like you i used to listen open-mouth to Sukarnoe's fiery pidato that sent shivers up your spine. He was one of the greatest but see what happened to him in the hands of preditors like Subandrio (?). I think we also have such political orators and they are also facing the wrath of lesser orators with power in their hands. My worst fear is with regard to leaders trying to become great orators but uttering things that might bring doom to the bumis of this country, even upsetting what former leaders had accommplished. Hope to hear more of your experienced observations and i am honored to get them. Your learned friends as mentioned in your blog which i haven't been able to respond to yet must surely have left you with a lot if their own wisdom not shared with the public. Thank you for the response, Sir.