Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Now that the Hunt is Over......

Will there be other devils to hunt and kill?

No one can really estimate the amount of destruction and the number of deaths caused by the US in the hunt for Osama ben Laden. He gave ex-president Bush the reason to attack any country or people alleged to provide him shelter since he was wanted dead or alive. Afghanitan was almost reduced to ashes in the hunt for the man.

Now that he has been pronounced dead, will the US stop hunting and destroying cities, people and properties under the rubric of 'collateral damage' in the pursuit of the man who alledgedly masterminded the September 11tragedy whicj killed more than 3,000 people? Or will the US declare that there is another devil to hunt and the destruction and killing will continue?

Osama was said to have been killed along with his grandsons and several other men and women. Muammar Gaddafii's son was killed instead of the father. Many many people (some quite innocent) had died in the effort by the US and allied forces to eliminate a prime target. Even the justification for eliminating the prime target was never provern as in the case of Sadam Husin, alledged to posses nuclear warheads and other weapons of mass destruction. Even Osama, accused of being the mastermind behind the September 11 tragedy and many vicious attacks on innocent people through the suicide bombers, has never been proven to be the soul author of the crimes.

It's hightime that a new international law be drafted, approved and enforced by the United Nation stating simply that 'when people fight in their own country it's a CIVIL WAR but when a foreign power lauuched an armed attack on another country it's an UNCIVILIZED WAR. It's really disgusting to even think of a all powerful foreign ppower with a highly educated and civilized population threshing a small and militarily weak state for something that they don't like happening in that state. What gives them the right to interfere in the first place? They can only come in if invited by the legitimate government.

So, let's see if the hunting will stop now that the hunted man is down. Will another 'devil' be found , to be hunted and gunned down wherever he is hiding even if a whole country must be ravaged and destroyed to get him? If the hunt doesn't stop hencefort we will know that the hunter needs only a bluebottle to fly around to bring out the warships. the warplanes and the war machines to hunt down the fly.


Al-Manar said...

We can just read and draw a long sigh.

norzah said...

Tq for reading the entry, Pakcik, fior i know the subject is now almost a cliche. Everyone knows that the US is using its military might to serve its own interest under the guise of protecting and liberating people. But no one seems to be able to do anything about it.