Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sarawak: a Most Important Test of Public Confidence..

Just a day away and we will face a most cricial test of public confidence on many issues facing the nation. While the political scenario in Sarawak may not truly reflect the situation in Peninsula Malaysia, the feelings and aspirations of the people are pretty much the same after so many years of development under the same leadershit style and political philosophy. Many aspects of the political culture and sentiments which prevail in Sarawak are also prevalent in Semenanjung.

At least Sabah has gone throuhj some kind of a change before. If a change of leadership is bad when a country is working hard on its development, we know now that a change does not necessarily spell a doom. It brings about the best in people to save the country from going under. It can even force known enemies to work together, putting their personal interests away to make sure that the ship of state keeps on even keel and stay afloat. More importantly if a crisis does develop out of the change, the true savior(s) of the nation will come forward to take the lead. Only then do we get to know who are the real leaders and who are the opportunity seekers but cloaked in the mantle of vociferous leaders, saying a lot of things but doing nothing of note as a national leader.

What are the major sentiments we face today? To point them out will be to agitate and provoke, causing a lot of denials and refutation.
They best remain unsaid for we all know what they are but cannot say them out, lest you'll be called an extremist, a racialist, a regionalist, a pro this and that. Amazing. More than 50 years of independence and we cannot even face our haunting fears ( the emotional hantus) bravely and honestly to deal with them like intelligent and resposible citizens. We still have to hide between unsaid fears and unmentionable taboos. Must we remain so forever? How can we ever deal with a deep seated emotional problem if we are not prepared to bring it out and deal with it openly. Ask a psychotherapist if he can do that.

Be that as it may, there are many unarticulated issues that bother us all today. The state election in Sarawak will I'm sure indicate some of the sentiments that have remained unsaid and unexplored. Once reflected by the outcome of the election the federal government can use them as a guide for facing GE13.



abdulhalimshah said...

You must given the most serious understatement of the year when you coyly refrained from saying it straight from the heart. Obviously we must not only transform the economy from middle income to high income and transform the nation frm being sucked dry to be a more vibrant and credible high flyer, most important of all to transform the leadership from rent seeking buffoons and pirates who plunder the treasury under the guise of people first projects and giving merit it's due where it matters. We have seen that the country is not taking the bull by it's horns by continuing to sedate the nation with subsidies and it benefited those not really in need. What we need is to have a leadership who call a spade a spade and transform the nation from the cluthches of rentiers and get rid of those who use their political positions to serve their personal interests and amass huge followers and money to feed their insatiable greed.
A friend said to me recently certain individuals should be caught by their ........s and should not be given the freedom to behave like they are untouchable. They should be shut out completely from publicity. But this the present leadership dared, not do and so we are made the laughing stock of the First World neighbor across the Causeway.

norzah said...

Thanks for coming back to the fold, Akhi and, my, your comment this time is very vociferous and acrimonious but indisputable. I didn't want to recount some of the issues that are making the rakyat both nervous and impatient for most of them are already wellknown. Even the real culprits behind the charade are often known but the political and judicial systems
somehow cannot pin them down. Pull down a central pillar and one whole edifice might crumble leaving the the government very weak and impeachable. I guess for now keeping the ship of state on an even keel is the priority of the day even if there are many "pirates" on board.

Al-Manar said...

How nice it is to see our friend AHS back. His comments echo much of my similar sentiment. Well said AHS.

norzah said...

Yes indeed we all share the same sentiments and I always depend on Akhi Halim to call a spade a spade.
I could only suggest an aspect or a situation in our socio-economic-political scenarion to focus our attention on, and give some tentative views. It's up to knowledgeable friends and readers to ventilate their reaction.