Friday, December 25, 2009

A Spin Around KL on X'mas Night

Thursday night (Malam Jumaat to the Muslims) is special: we pray, read the al-Quran ( Surah Yassin), offer thanks to Allah for all the blessings He showered on us( bertahlil), seek His pardon and continued guaidance ( berdo'a) etc. This year it coincided with
Christmas night, Dec. 24. After the reception at our local Madrasah and Isya' prayer, I decided to take a spin around KL to see how the Keelites were celebrating Christmas.

Wow, the area around Concorde Hotel, Jalan P. Ramlee and Star Hill were jampacked with revellers. There were Father and Mother Christmas with the caps and.... horns ( as if the devil has taken over), no heavy red-n-white costumes with fur linings but only in T-shirt and slacks, Mother Chritmas sporting pushed up breasts and a lot of plumb thighs, and couples chasing each other or running after something. Some places were a total mess with everything imaginable thrown on the road. Some crowds around Sungai Wang went out of control and there were policemen trying to bring some order.

My daughter was at the wheel accommpanied by the wife while I sit at the back absorbing everything. Azlin moaned several times behind the wheel having to deal with the crazy traffic jam with only inches to spare from hitting other cars all around and my wifebellowing her normal shrieks and yells - "Look out.. Someone is going to knock into me.. Slow down.. A gila driver is behind us...That guy cuts in without a care for our lives...That lady is trying to commit suicide.." I sort of enjoyed the running commnetaries.

But I enjoyed watching people in the cars and taxis on my left, right, back and front even more, sometimes even more than the antics of the revellers. A young and gorgeous lady driver with a kid by her side was frantically trying to get someone on the handphone. Then some shouting and a look of murder in her eyes and face. Could it be that her husband was somewhare else,
enjoying himself? In a taxi by my left side a young lady and a rather old man were sitting at the back. The old Romeo was certainly trying to hold the bare-shouldered lady as close to him as possible and the girl was avoiding his clutch. She even gave me a pitiful look. Hey what could I do? The deriver had enough trouble with the traffic to care even if a murder was committed in the cab, probably. I glanced at the old Rmeo and found him glaring at me with obwious fury. What? For taking a good look at his bare-shouldered victim? Hey, I was wearing s skull cap, man! Came out direct from the Madrasah to see what
was happening in KL. To the right was a beautiful scene. Two lovers locked in embrace as the driver of the cab whistled and smiled.

My daughter, my wife and I thought we could have some late supper somewhere along Jalan Ampang, Jalan P.Ramlee or Star Hill, to see what was going on while we slowly attacked ourt food. But none of the places we had in mind would allow such a leisurely evening, nor was there any space for parking. As such Azlin did her best to pull out of the jam and crowd, hit the flyovers and shoot back to Taman Malawati. She literally shot us back at a speed that prompted my wife to request that she takes over the wheel. Azlin prertended not to hear and a had a good laugh.

We ended up in Desa View in Taman Melawati for some roti canai, maggi soup and nescafe tarik. Hey, not a bad Christmas night experience. Azlin gave us an early warning that she would not be agree to drive us around again on New Year's night.
So, we've to seek for a volunteer to do the job with a promise of free dinner and whatever you can drink...Me, I love to sit in the back seat and watch whaever is going on....and record some of the scenes as appended below.

Happy New Year.


rambomadonna said...

Datin's 21st birthday yesterday right? So ada celebrate tak?

norzah said...

21st birtday! Lepas 40 org selalu loose count and remain 37, J. Anyway you got the date (29/12) right, tq. Kitaorg tak celebrate pun, gi makan kecil je. I pulak takde selera kerana demam sejuk tapi badan panas. Berpeluh-peluh tak pasal-pasal. Bila u punya bd? Rahsia ke? Happy New Year and may Happiness be your soulmate.