Friday, October 26, 2007

Policemen Shot Dead....

2 policemen shot dead and 2 injured in a shootout at Sungai Buluh! After several accounts of armed robberies, street murders, bizarre killings of kids, and open clashes between criminals and the police, the cold blooded shooting of policemen seemed to
confirm the notion that the criminals of today are like Rambos. Very daring and well armed. But are the policemen on beat ( not the real crime busters and commandos) also tucking in their overgrown paunches, cocking up their underused muscles and honing in their weaponry skills to meet up with the challenge? Or are they still expecting that their presence alone will cause the criminals to shiver or flee?

Verily, the policemen on beat must buck up for they may at any time come-up face-to-facee with the Rambos. Even the Mat Rampit can be just as dangerous since many a traffic corps had been rammed up. It's either a matter of the enemies becoming very strong or the police becoming very weak.....

It's hightime for the police to shed their uniforms and become crime busters in macho clothings like the nightfarers in the busy streets of KL. Uniforms don't scare the criminals anymore. Use automatics that don't kill but give you hell of a shocker that you cannot move. PM's and the IGP's insistent on following the mannuals, arrange proper back-up squads to cordon off target area etc., is bunkum. Before you're ready the criminals would have scooted thousands of miles away. Be ready to spring at any time with oozies and bombs. That's how you can scare them. Not with the snubnose that corps on beat carry.

No....I think our policemen had only shown their fangs at traffic violaters on the road. Otherwise they're just too soft, as one senior police officer did admit. Life has been too kind on them for a long, long while. Even the chiefs look clumsy and slow - not the Rambo-Rainbow type. Let the commandos loose, the Special Force Unit or SWAT. They should be the crime fighters of today, not the paper pusher at Bukit Aman. The Commercial Crime Unit should also be filled with people the likes of Colombo and Kojak. Do we train such people and do they get to the top or are the fanny-fanners (FF) cramming up the top echelon of the police force? More policemen are going to be massacred if the FF are allowed to run the Crime Busting Division of the force with softies doing the beat. We need fast-n-straight shooting corps, with Jacky Chan's fighting style and Colombo's persistence, patience and smooth-talking, respectful traits. Not the Lebih Gertak dari
gerak type,

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