Tuesday, September 12, 2017

3 Months' flash review

It's about 3 months since I posted something here. No more site meter to tell me if there are visitors or not, no comment from locals who prefer chatting on FB rather than sharing serious thoughts. So, I just do a flash review for my own edification and those who accidentally dropped by.

The biggest regional event that we hosted was the 2017 SEA games.We did a good job according to local critics, became the champion with 145 gold as compared to 72 gold won by Thailand, but received s brickbat from the latter, accusing us of cheating and unexpected changes of venues and time for certain events. But we can take that sportingly. We might have received a bouquet if Thailang had become the champion State.
the sea game 2017
The most disturbing issue is what's happening to the Rohingyas in Myanmar.The Muslims in this country feel terribly disgusted an d angry with the torture and massacre brought upon their regions breathers in that country. Even the His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Tibet scorned the action of the Budhist's extremist in Myanmar.Why is San Suu Kyi not doing anything about it?
Is she still a puppet of the military?
running away for their lives
Back at home the 28th Sultan of Kedah who twice became the Paramount Monarch of Malaysia passed away. But the PM is in the US to meet with President Trump. The wealthy President of the wealthiest country in the world wants to meet the PM who believes that 'cash ia King. Sure there will be lots of common interest to discuss,perhaps touching on China's increasing influence in the Malaysian economy.
Cash King and King is Cash
All else is quite stable in Malaysia except for the meteoric rise in the cost of consumer goods,
believed to be triggered by the GST and the declining value of the ringgit. The GNP and Trade
figures of the country are on the rise but external debts keep increasing and the buying power of the ringgit seems to keep falling. A monthly income of RM3-4k does not seem enough to support a family of four in the city today.How so? A minister might just say,"You spent too much. Stop buying and grow you own vegetable. If the price of gas and toll charges are too high, don't travel."

Such remarks had made many Malaysians very unhappy. That's all for now.

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